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The Bed Trick

By Keiko Green

Directed By Makaela Milburn

College: a time of freedom, of frivolity, of friskiness. Freshmen Lulu and Marianne test their limits as they party through the school year in search of their place in the world: Marianne is newly eighteen, while Lulu tries to reignite a spark with her boyfriend of ten years. But when their drama-nerd-roommate Harriet brings in baggage from a student production of Measure for Measure, ideas of consent and manipulation start to seep into their lives.

Seattle favorite Keiko Green brings her sharp provocation and biting humor to a new play that puts contemporary discussions in direct conversation with one of the most problematic devices in Shakespeare. In the grand tradition of the problem playsThe Bed Trick has no answers, but will have you pondering the questions long after you leave the theatre.


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TPS - Studio will be confirmed with your audition time confirmation.

Other details

For this audition everyone in the audition room will always wear a face covering (surgical, singer’s or K/N95), except for the actor when they are actively auditioning. The time spent unmasked should be as minimal as possible. Face coverings must be worn correctly (covering the
nose and mouth).

Audition requirements

Please prepare one of the sides provided. Please pick the side for the role you would like to audition for. Auditions will be in ten minute slots. Actors of all identities are encouraged to audition. At Seattle Shakespeare we believe it is important to fully represent our community onstage so that these classic texts can speak to everyone. To do so, we strive to bring together diverse performers working from their full, authentic selves and operating at the top of their craft. As a Seattle-based company, we encourage the local cultural ecology and local artists in our work.

Character breakdown / Project needs
18 years old. Female or non-binary. Marianne and Lulu's other, randomly assigned roommate. The odd man out. She’s a drama kid. Super awkward. Performing the lead in a school production of “All's Well That Ends Well.” Easily talked in and out of things.
18 years old. Lulu's boyfriend since middle school, but his eye is wandering. He recently created a profile for an online dating site, thinking Lulu wouldn't see it, "just to see who's out there." He's figuring himself out -- somewhere between frat guy and burn out. Doubles as DIRECTOR (VOICE).
40-ish, Marianne's Mom. She carries an immense guilt with her for manipulating
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Audition/Interview dates

9/28/2023 9am-6pm

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Seattle WA

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Union Rate: $725 weekly minimum (SPT 8). Non-Union Rate: $700 weekly minimum. Union Rate: $725 weekly minimum (SPT 8). Non-Union Rate: $700 weekly minimum.

Callbacks or second audition/interview?

10/2/2023 10am-3pm

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