Seeking 1 - 2 photographers for 2023 Strawberry Jam (SJAM23)

Strawberry Theatre Workshop


About the project and the company

Strawberry Jam is a five-week arts festival dedicated to providing local directors with the opportunity to grow their craft through practice. Motivated by an observation that Seattle’s outstanding acting and playwriting communities are fueled by experimental forums not availabe to directors, SJAM was born in 2022 as a unique public workshop with the director at its center. Now in its second year, SJAM features veteran and emerging artists alike, working with texts ranging from classics to original works. For its audience, the event is a wide-ranging celebration of styles, visions, and voices packed into fifteen nights of relentless energy at 12th Ave Arts… All that makes a Strawberry Jam.

Founded in 2004 by Greg Carter, Strawberry Theatre Workshop is a professional theatre company dedicated to socially engaged work of the highest caliber. Strawshop is a Stranger Genius Award winner, a six-time Seattle Times Footlight Award winner, and the only company to be nominated for a TPS Gregory Award for Outstanding Production four years in a row. Strawshop is one of three companies selected to operate 12th Avenue Arts, a center for theatre that opened in 2015 with Strawshop’s critically acclaimed Our Town.

Job Description

The SJAM23 Photographer(s) is responsible for taking photos during the rehearsal process and the festival and focusing on the directing process. During the rehearsal process, they will attend one rehearsal per play to take photos (total of 15 plays). During the festival, photo calls are on Wednesdays and there are a total of 5 photo calls. The time commitment for this position is early-mid May until early July 2023. Rehearsals will be in May and rehearsal locations will be varied. SJAM23 is from June 8 - July 8, 2023 and takes place at 12th Ave Arts. Compensation is $600. If a team of 2 photographers are hired, the rate will be split between them. Rights for both the photographer(s) and Strawshop is as follows: 1) Photographer will receive credit for all images used by Strawshop in media and promotion. 2) Photos will be shared property of photographer and Strawberry Theatre Workshop in perpetuity. If interested, please email Annelih Hamilton, Festival Director at with a brief cover letter sharing some of your photography experience and samples of work, portfolio, and/or website.

Required Qualifications

Experience in taking photos in either a performance, festival, or sports setting is highly desired, but not required to apply. Our goal is to capture the directing process during this directors festival.

Additional information
Preferred method of submission


Pay Rate

$600 stipend

Audition location

Seattle WA

Submission instructions

Please email with a brief cover letter about your photography experience and samples of work, portfolio, and/or website.

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