Shapeshifters: A Queer Comic Book Musical - Extended auditions

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About the project and the company

Shapeshifters: A Queer Comic Book Musical

A Co-Production between Ballyhoo Mainstage and The Summer Intensive Program

Be part of the DEVELOPMENTAL PROCESS of a wonderful NEW MUSICAL in this pilot production.

Shapeshifters, written by Truth Future Bachman (they/them), is a music-theatre multiverse dedicated to LGBTQIA2S+ superheroes. Using the lens of superhero science fiction, Shapeshifters encourages young queer and trans participants, and their allies, to consider what “others” them as their superpower, and is equal parts entertainment, education, and empowerment.


The show is still being workshopped following a presentation at Joe’s Pub in NYC. This actor-driven production for ages 13-25 (most participants will be in the early 20s age range) is part of the pilot development process and will include the making of a short documentary as record of the show’s growth. The show is designed to allow participants to create text as part of the narrative, providing the opportunity to inject their personal DNA into this theatrical experience. This is an amazing opportunity to be part of the creation of a new musical!


This project has no tuition, nor is there monetary compensation for actors.


Rehearsals and performances will be in Edmonds, in the late afternoon and evening.  We can accommodate those with day jobs, as most rehearsals will be in the evenings.


At Ballyhoo Theatre our focus is education and inclusion. We celebrate people of every gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, and ability. We strive, always, to address and maintain a space that works towards anti-racism and DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) and acknowledges when we fall short. We work to create a safe and inclusive space for young performers to be seen and joyously accepted, and to explore, learn and thrive.
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Audition requirements

Initial video auditions: You may submit a video audition anytime from now until June 30, 2023 for the Shapeshifters Ensemble (they sing in almost every song, and have much of the storytelling/personal stories). You will be notified, within a few days of your video submission, of your acceptance into the project, and will need to commit at that time. For specific roles, we will need your auditions by June 5, as we will be assigning those roles on June 6. Audition requirements: Prepare a verse/chorus (no longer than 2 minutes) of a song of your choosing, along with a short video (less than 90 seconds) of why you’d like to be involved in this project OR tell us a little about yourself. In addition, all audition forms must be submitted as well. (These can be found by emailing, or going to our website at

Character breakdown / Project needs
A stalwart fourteen year-old runaway. Mel is perceived by the world as both/neither a boy and/or girl. Mel’s tendencies go against the grain of a binary world, not by choice, or as activism, it is just the nature of who they are. In fits of anger, Mel discovers their superpower: controlling a secret dimension known as QueerTime. (Non-Binary, Gender Expansive, Genderqueer or Transgender actor needed - Vocal range: Tenor/Alto)
Like two sides of a coin, Future Hero is the adult version of Mel. Having secured a place within the Binary, Future Hero’s sole mission in life is to destroy The Shapeshifters. Deeply ashamed of and resentful of their teenage self - to the point of violence. Future Hero shares many of the same leader-like characteristics as young Mel, making them an intensely powerful match. (Non-Binary, Gender Expansive, Genderqueer or Transgender actor needed - Vocal range: Tenor/Alto)
A seventeen year-old lone wolf caught in the crossfire of the war on queerness. A Shapeshifter who refers to themself as “harsh and unstoppable”, a “climber”, and a “shipwreck” . Shadow’s superpower is the ability to absorb the powers of others. Always skating the line between hero and villain, Their sound is emotional and call-like, in the style of Evanescence, Sia, Avril, and other indie-pop/rock artists. Shadow, though troubled, is the gravitational heart center of the group. (Vocal range: Mezzo)
A vitalized queen who controls Earth’s magnetic field. Follows in the legacy of Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera. Imparting Mel with wisdom and confidence, she is a real best friend and can charm her way into everyone’s heart with the truth. Arguably the strongest of the Shapeshifters, she embodies contradiction in all ways. As graceful as fearsome, and carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders, she is a divine warrior. (Transgender Woman or Trans-Femme actor needed - Vocal range: Baritone/Tenor)
An anarchist and leader, Sike’s telekinetic powers allow them to see into the future. Sike lives in the lineage of Harvey Milk and Larry Kramer, conjuring futures rooted in the action of the present. (Vocal range: Baritone/Mezzo)
Coy and confident, Switch is a hero and a muse to the rest of the Shapeshifters. Switch is constantly reshaping the world into their own narrative and should be perceived as the Shapeshifter everyone wants to be around. (Vocal range: Tenor/Alto)
A beacon of hope in the face of darkness, the Cardinal is an air-borne healer. Acting as a big sister/mother figure to Mel and the rest, she extends herself to the group with quiet, deeply rooted power. A lighthouse that beams in every direction. (Vocal range: Mezzo/Soprano)
Comprised of people of all different ages, looks, and psychic vibrations - this group expresses their lived experiences through the COMPANY PROMPTS. The audience gets to know them as individuals, and as a group, over the course of the show., with their bodies and voices creating the world of Shapeshifters.
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Open until June 30

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Edmonds WA

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