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About the project and the company

Runaway is the story of DAWN, a 16 year-old, middle-class, girl who thinks she has it worse than she really does. In frustration with the pressures of life, she runs away from home to a life on the streets. She has no idea what imminent dangers await her in the dark alleys of the real world, nor what saviors might show up. While on the streets, she meets GARY, a homeless Army veteran who struggles with the regrets of his own past. They learn from one another that changing your mindset can be painful and rewarding at the same time.

Location of Audition

Audition video for roles except those listed as featured extra or background extra. Featured extra and background will be cast based on availability.

Other details

Military veterans are encouraged to apply. There are several veterans already involved in the project. This is a low-budget production but food will be provided on set. Newer actors are also encouraged to apply. No agencies please.

Audition requirements

Please send headshot and resume. I will then a send side to be recorded and returned via email.

Character breakdown / Project needs
Appears late 20’s to mid 30’s. Thin to average build. Caucasian. Blonde or Brown hair that is longer and stringy. He looks a little like he stepped out of the 90’s Seattle grunge scene. He is typically in jeans, an old t-shirt and unbuttoned flannel, and generally appears dirty. He is slimy in his personality, arrogant, and thinks he is Joe Cool. He has a street swagger that he over exaggerates because he thinks it makes him tough.
MOM: Supporting
Appears mid 40’s to early 50’s. Average to heavier build. Caucasian or Hispanic. Any hair color. Outwardly, Mom wants the world to see a family that has it all figured out and is well put-together. Behind closed doors, she is only mildly tolerant of her life and typically looks for ways to make Dad feel bad when it comes to how he deals with their daughter. She can disguise a dig as a compliment toward those she can’t stand.
RUBY: Supporting
Appears 18 to 20 years old. Thin to average build. African American. She is the daughter of Detective Jones, who works in the missing persons division. She ran away from home and was forced into becoming a prostitute by a street hustler named Jackson. She has an absolute hatred for Jackson and is just biding her time until she can do something to take him down. This character is present throughout the film and really “shows up” later in the story. In search of an actress that can bring good emotion and cry on camera.
MARIE: Small Supporting
Appears 16 to 17 years old. Thin to average build with brown or black hair. Asian, African American, Hispanic. She is the best friend to Dawn and for all of Dawn’s seriousness, Marie is the counter-balance. Marie is a jokester and likes to sneak up on people to scare them. She is easy-going but when snubbed, she speaks her mind and quickly leaves.
YOUNG DAWN: Small Supporting
Appears 6 to 7 years old. Brown hair. Caucasian. Has not yet developed a negative view of the world, and is just excited to hang out with her daddy.
Homeless Veteran holding a sign: Featured Extra
No lines in the script but might be asked to improv.
Detective 4: Featured Extra
No lines in the script but might be asked to improv.
Uniformed Cop: Featured Extra
No lines in the script but might be asked to improv.
Highschool Jock: Featured Extra
No lines in the script but might be asked to improv.
Prostitute 2: Featured Extra
No lines in the script but might be asked to improv.
Funeral Detail: Featured Extras
4 soldiers in dress uniform. No lines in the script but might be asked to improv.
People on a city street (Some with phones in hand and not paying attention to the world around them), Homeless people, Children and parents at a park/playground. No lines.
Additional information
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Audition/Interview dates

June 14 - July 18

Pay type


Audition location

Buckley Washington

Pay type

Depends on Role Depends on Role

Submission instructions

Headshot and resume

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