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About the project and the company

Often known as the Amazingly Anxious Productions, Roland and Claire are a writing and storytelling duet whose work has been produced throughout Seattle since their formation in the Winter of 2019. That’s us! Want to help us build our new play, An Inheritance of Light? We need a skilled stage manager (however you choose to define that) who can help our team of designers and performers build and share a bold, weird, and witch-y play.

Here are two articles from a 2019 interview about our second piece together, 42 Things You Should Know About My Dad:

Job Description

POSTING TO CLOSE 11:59 PM 6/30/23 We are looking for a stage manager who can work with a brand new script that seems to change every few hours but which will be locked soon enough. An Inheritance of Light is the first full-length play to be produced by Amazingly Anxious Productions (which itself has 5 1/2 years of production experience) and will be produced in partnership with Theatre Off Jackson from November 15-18, 2023. An Inheritance of Light tells the story of one woman on a journey to meet, understand, and defeat a family curse laid on an ancestor by a Noonwitch. The story follows the woman’s Great Great Great Grandmother Maja from the fields of war-torn Prussia to rural Wisconsin and the journey of the demon she birthed from there to Seattle, by way of New Mexico. This is a story about stories, about curses, one that is very steeped in Polish mythology. We have a full draft built and hope to have a final version of it ready for a semi-public presentation by the end of June. Rehearsals (for a small, invited cast of 2-4) will be in October. Load In is 11/12. This is a self-produced piece with an austere team and budget. The budget is still being built but we will pay designers, technicians, and others involved with the project a stipend of at least $750 for their work. We will work diligently to bring dollars in to help bring the work to life and to better compensate our partners for their time and talent (I’m an arts fundraiser and Claire is an arts marketer and we’ll work hard to get funding ahead of time to cover pre-run expenses and to fill the house to compensate the whole gang as best as we can).

Required Qualifications

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You do NOT *need* experience. Interest, training, vision, ambition can be enough. A resume is nice, but we want great storytellers and who come from all backgrounds.

People of the Global Majority or BIPOC artists are encouraged to apply as are members of the LGBTQ+ community. We will build a team that is more than reflective of our actual and aspirational theatre community.

Artists with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply. There is no reason to think that any disability or perceived limitation/impairment will limit the success of your design or storytelling.

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Seattle WA

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Please email with your interest. A resume is nice but not needed.

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