Staged Reading: The Wrong Bashir

Seattle Playwrights Salon

About the project and the company

About The Wrong Bashir:

Bashir Ladha, millennial philosophy major leaning towards Buddhism, is mixed up with Bashir Ladha, religious all-star with an outstanding track-record of good deeds in the Ismaili Shia Islamic community. The wrong Bashir has accidentally been selected to assume an important religious position, and his parents have dutifully accepted on his behalf. Family conflict ensues over Bashir’s reaction to his appointment, taking the Ladhas on a comedic journey toward understanding their intergenerational identity in Canada.
About Seattle Playwrights Salon:

The Salon is in its fourth year of producing a monthly staged reading series–showcasing works of all genres by Northwest playwrights. We also host quarterly closed readings to support plays earlier in the development stage.

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Other details

South Asian actors of all ages, sexes and abilities are encouraged to audition. While the ability to speak Kutchi is a plus the script does have the ability to support the storytelling with an actor who cannot speak Kutchi.

Rehearsal schedule:
Saturday May 9th 10:30a - 5:00p
Sunday May 10th 10:30a - 5:00p
Possible Tuesday May 12th 7p - 10p

Staged reading performance:
Friday May 15th at 7:30p (actors expected to arrive at 6p)

Audition requirements

Auditions will be set throughout now and end of March, please email your headshot and resume along with what role you'd be interested in being seen for and we will set up a time to chat. Scripts and sides will be sent out upon setting an audition meeting.

Character breakdown / Project needs
Bashir Ladha
20s, Ismaili Indian (South Asian) -millennial philosophy major leaning towards Buddhism, much to his Isamili family's dismay. He runs his own podcast titled the Smiling Nihilist. He speaks broken Kutchi.
Najma Ladha
Bashir's mother, 40s - late 50s, Isamili Indian (South Asian) - cares deeply for her children and how they are presented in the Isamili community. Speaks fluent Kutchi.
Sultan Ladha
Bashir's father, mid 40 - late 60s, Isamili Indian (South Asian) - cares deeply for his family and supporting them. Speaks fluent Kutchi.
Nafisa Ladha
Bashir's younger sister, 17 - mid 20s, Isamili Indian (South Asian) - When she grows up, she wants to be the people who hold up the signs for correspondents - like on the late-night comedy talk shows. Speaks broken Kutchi.
Al-Nashir Manji
Isamili Council Representative, mid 40 - late 50s, Isamili Indian (South Asain). A pillar in the Ismaili community. Speaks fluent Kutchi.
Al-Nashir's assistant, early 60 - late 70s, Isamili Indian (South Asian). A pillar in the Isamili community. Speaks fluent Kutchi.
Dawood (Nana)
Bashir's maternal grandfather, 70s to early 80s, Isamili Indian (South Asian). Losing his memory. Speaks fluent Kutchi.
Farida (Nani)
Bashir's maternal grandmother, early 60s to 70s, Isamili Indian (South Asian). Primary caretaker for Dawood. Speaks fluent Kutchi.
Mrs. Gulzar Keshwani
Isamili missionary friend of Nana and Nani, early 60s to 70s, Isamili Indian (South Asian). The busy body auntie. Speaks fluent Kutchi.
The Other Young Man & Dramaturge/Dialect Coach
The Real Bashir Ladha, 20s, Isamili Indian (South Asian) appears at the very end of the play. Dramaturge for the project, someone who speaks Kutchi and can support dialect.
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Audition/Interview dates

Now through end of March

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Audition location

Seattle WA

Pay type

$25 $25

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Submission instructions

Please email your headshot and resume along with what role you'd be interested in being seen for.

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Open to All

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