The Angel in the House

Cafe Nordo

About the project and the company

The year is 1899, Victorian England. Mrs. Edmund Brown, socialite and admired wife of textile tycoon Sir Edmund Brown III, is the epitome of femininity and grace; when she throws her infamous New Year’s party, you’d be remiss to not attend. But when a mysterious guest shows up uninvited and a dead body is found in the garden, secrets from her past start to emerge.
Inspired by the poem of the same name, The Angel in the House is a feminist Victorian thriller about women on the brink, a secret cult about to implode, and Industrial England. Sara Porkalob’s new play will have its world premier at Cafe Nordo in February 2020. The Angel in the House: revenge, blood, and cake…all on one plate.
Rehearsals: January 2-February 5, 2020
Opening: February 7, 2020
Closing: March 15, 2020
Wed-Sunday performances.
Rehearsals would be scheduled for weekday evenings and some weekend day times.
Nordo is an intimate theatrical experience featuring imaginative cuisine and atmospheric music, where artists create & play, while audiences are cared for with seamless Service. In our home, artists serve one another & the broader community. We believe in our artists being paid fairly, our food being sourced locally, & our work being brave, educational & always entertaining.
OUR HISTORY: In 2009, Nordo launched a hybrid of the pop-up restaurant and underground theater. Relying on relationships with local farmers, ranchers, fisherman, composers, actors, and visual artists, Nordo serves up modern cuisine while thrilling audiences with the history, myth, science, and politics of food. Each show, performed at venues all over the Seattle area, ran for 6-8 weeks for an almost always sold-out crowd.
Previous venues have ranged from the warehouse of a chocolate factory to a former museum and each has provided a unique backdrop for an immersive experience. Our audiences have enjoyed a 1960’s spy farce in a 737 headed for the Seattle World’s Fair where they learned the secrets of convenience food and the Green Revolution (To Savor Tomorrow,) learned the history of the cocktail in a jazzy speakeasy in the 1930’s (Sauced), and took a tour around Nordo’s timeless museum of food, eating each of five courses in a different local artist’s installation (Café Nordo’s Cabinet of Curiosities). Nordo recreated The Black Lodge and redefined breakfast in our homage to David Lynch’s Twin Peaks that took murder mystery dinner theater to the next level here in Seattle (Lost Falls).
In 2015 The Culinarium at Nordo opened in historic Pioneer Square. Committed to the intersection between Art, Performance, and Cuisine, The Culinarium at Nordo provides a playground for the imagination where flavors and stories come alive in an intimate, immersive setting.
The Culinarium not only hosts Nordo’s immersive theatrical experiences but is also a crossroads between the culinary and performing arts.The Culinarium is open year round with two “Main Stage Shows” and other exciting programs that are a playground for other artists and chefs to come together, creating an unparalleled arts experience the best dinner theater in Seattle.
Awarded the Seattle Times’ prestigious Footlight Award for Excellence in Theater six years in a row, Nordo has become a Seattle institution.
Nordo is part of Ripple Productions, a 501(c)3 non-profit arts organization. With a commitment to new and innovative storytelling, Ripple Productions seeks to push the boundaries of innovation by integrating the performing, culinary, and visual arts. Contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Location of Audition

Auditions and Call-backs will take place at Cafe Nordo downstairs in the Knife Room. The Knife Room is not ADA accessible. Address: 109 S Main St, Seattle, WA 98104

Other details

Auditions slots will be 5 minutes. When emailing, please include your availability for auditions ie. "I would like to audition on October 10 between 6-7pm."

Audition requirements

Please bring a hard-copy of your head shot and resume and prepare two contrasting monologues: the monologues can be from any time period and any style but they do need to be in the RP dialect.

Character breakdown / Project needs
Textile tycoon, a member of British aristocracy. Enigmatic and disciplined.
Iron and steel tycoon, a member of British aristocracy. A devout Christian.
Mining and coal tycoon, a member of British aristocracy. A philosopher.
MRS. EDMUND BROWN (30’s-40’s)
Wife to Sir Edmund. Beloved Victorian socialite and fighter for child labor union laws. A retired singer. She has a secret.
Wife to Sir Adam. A devout Christian. Fastidious, sharply intelligent, and risk averse. Scholar of religious texts. She has a secret.
Wife to Sir Christopher. Quietly kind and a gifted nurse. She’s prone to fits. A British trade heiress. She has a secret.
HENRY SMITH (30s-40s)
A cabaret performer. Shrewd, wicked smart, aspiring magician. Brave to the point of recklessness.
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Audition/Interview dates

October 10 and 11, between 6-10pm. Auditions slots will be 5 minutes. When emailing, please include your availability for auditions ie.

Pay type


Audition location

Seattle WA

Pay type

Compensation is paid out per show plus a percentage of tips. Compensation is paid out per show plus a percentage of tips.

Callbacks or second audition/interview?

October 14, between 6-10pm

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