The horror/fantasy short film for virtual reality “The Mirror” is looking for a choreographer and two dancers/actors. *PAID*


About the project and the company

You would be working with professional theatre and film creatives to produce a multidisciplinary experience that merges dance, original music and narrative, shot with a 360 camera and ambisonic microphone. “The Mirror ” is produced by Elgalen Productions and sponsored by City of Seattle through the smART Ventures Grant. Its final cut will be available on Oculus, HTC Vive, and Youtube VR. The film is written and produced by Seattle University Film Studies Professor and screenwriter Josefina Valenzuela Cerda, and directed by Seagull Project Artistic Director, Gavin Reub.

Shooting is scheduled for early Fall 2021 over the course of 3-4 days, and will take place in the Seattle area.  Rehearsals will take place over the two weeks leading up to the shoot. Specific dates for rehearsals and shooting will be subject to cast and crew availability.

Understanding the current situation with COVID-19, we will be following enhanced health and safety requirements and procedures for our cast and crew during rehearsal and shooting.

Preferably, the choreographer would also play one of the two roles. But are open to all applicants and encourage Choreographers to apply even if they do not feel they are appropriate for either of the dancer roles.

*We support diversity across voices and creators, and we strongly encourage women, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ people to apply.

A list of roles is available below. The age ranges/attributes listed are those of the characters, not necessarily the dancers. They are just a guide to help you decide which roles you may confidently audition for.

Location of Audition

All auditions and callbacks will occur digitally. For the audition you are required to send a video, along with a headshot/resume, using the link to the form below. If you experience any issues or have questions please email us at

Audition requirements

For initial auditions, dancers are asked to prepare a video package of two 20 second combos. Please keep each video to 20 seconds or less. ​ A classical ballet sequence A modern sequence These can be pieces of your choosing or your own choreography. If you are interested in auditioning to choreograph the piece, then please develop your own sequences. All folks auditioning should include a slate at the top of the video that includes your name, pronouns (if you’d like to share), what role you are auditioning for, and if you are also auditioning to be the choreographer.

Character breakdown / Project needs
Woman. Age 40+. Inna is a perfectionist “crone” focused on success. She is strong and relentless, bitter, cold, and proud. She believes that working hard and shedding no tears is what is required to succeed. She is what the patriarchy has made her be. She has a pain in her left leg that haunts her but is able to disguise it until it becomes too much. She used to be a prima ballerina at the renowned “Imperial Academy of Dance”, but a strange accident broke her leg and gave her a fear towards mirrors that she couldn’t shake away. However, she stayed at the Academy climbing the administration ladder all the way to Director, where she found her place. The film starts at the moment when Inna is told that her replacement as a director has arrived: a younger man who knows nothing of ballet. At this point, she is tired and annoyed and just wants to get through the day of auditions. Inna’s actor will also play a mirror character of herself named Breena. Similar to a black swan/white swan in the “Swan Lake” ballet.
Woman. Age 18-25. Ada is an anxious “maiden” who tries hard to do what she is told. She is innocent, stiff, and unsure of herself. She counts steps and doubts every single one. Anxiety attacks are an issue she has to deal with constantly. Somewhere inside of her, she knows she could be great if she just believed, but maybe dance isn’t for her. All her life she has been trained to be a prima ballerina. Her father loves ballet because her dead mother used to dance with such a passion that could move an entire theatre. Ada wants to be like her, but she doesn’t remember, so she strives to be whom she is told to be: a delicate and happy little girl. The film starts when she is auditioning for the Imperial Academy of Dance, the question is can she find the strength inside of her to become who she really is? Ada’s actor will also play a mirror character of herself named Barda. Similar to a black swan/white swan in the “Swan Lake” ballet.
Additional information
Preferred method of submission


Audition/Interview dates

April 26th through May 16th.

Pay type


Audition location

Seattle Washington

Pay type

Dancer = $15/hr for an estimated of 22 hours. Choreographer = $25/hr for an estimated 12 hours. Dancer/Choreographer = $25/hr for an estimated 28 hours. Dancer = $15/hr for an estimated of 22 hours. Choreographer = $25/hr for an estimated 12 hours. Dancer/Choreographer = $25/hr for an estimated 28 hours.

Callbacks or second audition/interview?

If necessary, the director will then invite some dancers to submit additional recorded materials and may also set up a video session to work with select dancers. The callback sessions will also include acting sides from the screenplay. ​

Submission instructions

Submit your audition at the website link below

Union Requirements


Website specific to project

Sides or script location

Equity Contract