THE LAST CRANKIE- Looking for 2 (female) character actors - 1 African American, 1-any race or ethnicity

Zelda Oasis Productions

About the project and the company

This project involves creating a video recording (using the Zoom platform) of a full length play, THE LAST CRANKIE.  This play is a comedy (for 6 women)  that imagines a post-apocalyptic society in which Creativity isn’t valued and the very act of “Imagining” is endangered.  

Set in a dystopian future, this play focuses on three teenaged schoolgirls who, while on an unauthorized adventure, encounter a Crankie, a story-telling device from the 21st century. Through its magical story they experience the importance of preserving our cultural values before it’s too late.

Location of Audition

via Zoom

Audition requirements

Audition materials required: headshot, resume, audio track of a song (preferably a folksong), video that shows your acting ability.

Character breakdown / Project needs
A demoted guardian angel who wants to be reinstated. African-American. She is in her 4Os. GABRIELLA needs to be able to sing. Looking for someone with a pleasing voice... not a belter! Someone suited to singing folksongs.
A grandmother in her 60s. Any race or ethnicity. Most important to NANA are her family… especially her grandchild… and her collection of Great Books which she has pledged to protect and preserve from extermination.
Additional information
Preferred method of submission


Audition/Interview dates

2/14 until cast

Pay type


Audition location

virtual virtual

Pay type

$125 (stipend/thank you) to cover 2 rehearsals + the actual recording session. $125 (stipend/thank you) to cover 2 rehearsals + the actual recording session.

Callbacks or second audition/interview?

most likely. I will contact you , once I've reveiwed your audition materials, as to any next step.

Submission instructions

Submission materials to include: headshot, resume, audio track of your singing (preferably a folksong), video of a short scene.deo of a short scene.

Union Requirements


Equity Contract