"The Midnight Empties" Music Video

Ballard High School

About the project and the company

Our story starts in the car on the way to the grocery store. Father of three Mark, looks very frustrated as his two younger kids scream and act just generally awful. Up in the front with him is his teenage daughter and she is obliviously on her phone, ignoring everyone. They get to the grocery store and the kids tumble out of the car as Mark wearily locks the car. In the grocery store, we see the kids causing chaos as Mark dejectedly grabs a cart and slowly starts going aisle to aisle grabbing food. As each kid causes distractions we see the others grabbing random ingredients and sneaking them into the cart. Mark grows more and more upset and is visibly stressed. They make it out of the grocery store and the car ride home is just as crazy as it was the way there. Once at home, the kids are going crazy and Mark goes to his room to take a nap. We see the kids watch him go to his room and as soon as the door shuts, the teenager puts their phone down and the others quit screaming. The youngest is seen holding a soppy bucket of water and we see the kids cleaning. The teenager starts putting away food and cooking dinner. Montage of cleaning and cooking and we see Mark sleeping. Mark wakes up with crazy hair and he dejectedly walks out of his room and comes into the kitchen to see it spotless. Daised, he walks into the dinning room as the teenager walks in with a beautiful dinner. They all sit down to enjoy a quiet meal and Mark smiles at his kids.  

Audition requirements

MANDATORY: Headshots OPTIONAL: Links to other films you have been in

Character breakdown / Project needs
Middle aged man Must be able to drive
Teenage Daughter
Teenage woman
Young Son
6-12 years old
Young Daughter
6-12 years old
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Ballard Washington

Pay type

You will get a final copy of the film to use in your resume You will get a final copy of the film to use in your resume

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Please submit headshots and any links to other films you have been in

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