The Unfortunate Downfall of John-Pierre

About the project and the company

The Unfortunate Downfall of John-Pierre

Written and Directed by Simon Jones

The Unfortunate Downfall of John-Pierre is a student comedy short film about a French-imitation auteur director who’s become disillusioned with his work and the industry as a whole. Despite the best efforts of his temperamental wife, his eccentric producer, and a crowd of angry fans, John lacks the drive and the inspiration to follow up his most recent film. Instead, he finds himself wondering what he else he could be doing to feel fulfilled.


Male; Anywhere from mid 20s to early 30s

Description: John is a French-imitation auteur filmmaker. In his prime he was hailed as a master of his craft, but over time he has slowly become disillusioned with his work. Not being able to find inspiration like he used to, he only keeps going to appease his fans.

Characteristics: John initially speaks in a French accent and says French words every now and then to keep up his image. He is relatively blunt compared to most people around him, masking a deep-seated insecurity about his recent work.



Female; Mid to late 20s

Description: John’s long suffering wife is often combative when alone with her deadbeat husband, having taken a dislike to John ever since he ‘gave up’ on his career. She doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life with a deadbeat, but isn’t ready to leave him just yet.

Characteristics: Francoise is high strung and often combative, but remains collected and friendly in the public eye; a result of her years in show-business.



Male; mid 20s to mid 30s

Description: John’s long standing producer and one of his closest friends. Usually giving John free reign over his productions, Maximillian now recognizes John’s celebrity status and wants to capitalize on it.

Characteristics: He is overly expressive and often very flamboyant and eccentric. While not necessarily a large guy, his commanding presence fills the room, even though he seems like a cheerful guy. Under all this however, is a cold and calculating businessman looking for the next big hit.



Female; mid 20s to mid 30s

Description: One of the most recognized cinematographers of her day, she is often lauded as one of the queens of the international film scene. She’s brought in by Maximillian to help strengthen John’s interest in his film.

Characteristics: Always excited and extremely positive, Eloise is also determined and dedicated to her craft. She’s eager to work with John-Pierre and make his film as memorable as possible.

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University of Washington - Seattle Campus. Odegaard Library Room 223

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We have the room rented in both the morning/early afternoon and early evening. Please let us know if you can't make either of those times and are still interested.


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Please email our producer, Zachary Chilcote, for pages and a link to the sign-up sheet.

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February 1-2

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Seattle WA

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