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About the project and the company

Do you love sharing Seattle history and imparting new food experiences onto others? Do you like being the center of attention? This could be the job for you! Savor Seattle Food Tours specializes in guided walking food tours of Seattle’s tastiest restaurants, eateries, and artisan shops. Tantalize your taste buds with Pacific Northwest seafood, artisan hand-made cheese, gourmet chocolate, fine wine, and much, much more! Enjoy a taste of Seattle, while going behind the scenes to experience the exciting culture, history, and people that are the “heart and soul” of the Emerald City!


Job Description

================= Hiring Tour Guides ================= We are looking for people who are high-energy, self-motivated, funny, and passionate! Love Seattle and love talking about it? How about the idea of having up to 16 sets of eyeballs on you for up to 3 hours straight? Do people think you've had three cups of coffee already, when you haven't even had your first sip of the day? Then we want to talk to you! We will provide the training to help you become knowledgeable about the history of Seattle and Pike Place Market, the foods and beverages we are famous for, and how to give a fun and engaging tour. This is a fantastic opportunity to be involved in all aspects of a small business and work with passionate individuals who are making big things happen in this town. This is a dream job for someone with strong people skills and wit to boot! ================= Responsibilities: ================= Responsibilities and essential job functions include but are not limited to the following: - Give an engaging, fun, and knowledgeable tour! For more information on our tours, please visit our website: - Foster and nurture personal relationships with all food vendor partners so that your guests feel like they are part of something "special" for the duration of their tour. - Provide accurate directions, restaurant recommendations, and other activities of interest to tour participants. - Actively seek out information and interesting history and food factoids and be excited to share that knowledge with fellow Tour Guides. - Calm under pressure, not easily flustered, quick on your feet, and able to create personal relationships with each tour participant. - Assist with daily operations and maintenance of the tours, including: signing guests in for each tour, troubleshooting ticketing concerns, and notifying the team of any pertinent changes or information in a timely fashion. - Other duties as required.

Required Qualifications

- Very high energy level. You will be performing as your job! - Communicate and connect quickly with customers, so they feel they are part of something special. These are no ordinary tours! - Think quickly on your feet, and not let things ruffle you easily (or at least not have it show!) - Natural sense of humor, ability to improvise, and make people feel at ease immediately. - Enjoy working in a flexible environment with little direct supervision. - Proactive problem-solver. - Strong organizational skills, communication, and attention to detail. - Be a team player. Over-communication is always appreciated. - Must be able to be on your feet and walking constantly for up to 3 hours straight, on a regular basis. - Must have lived in Seattle for at least a year. - You must have strong knowledge of the Seattle dining scene (both expensive and inexpensive), tourist attractions, and how to navigate the city by foot, bus, and car to get from location to location. - Must already have or be willing to procure a computer at home with internet access, smart phone, and digital watch. - CPR and First Aid certification is required. Training fee will be covered by employer, unless employment is severed in the first 90 days of employment. - Food handler permit is required. Employee will be reimbursed for training and exam ($10.00). - Previous tour guiding experience is not required.

Other details

============= Compensation: =============
- $49-$55 per tour + $40 - $85 tips/tour (varies based on tour type and duration)
- Health insurance, dental, vision, and 401K benefits are available after meeting requirements for length of employment/number of hours worked in a year
- Employee discount at many Pike Place Market and downtown Seattle restaurants and food vendors.
- Free or heavily discounted access to Seattle attractions (e.g. Victoria Clipper, Seattle Aquarium).
- During training period (~10 days), compensation is minimum wage.
- Must be available to work 5 days a week, 1 to 2 tours per day, including Saturday and Sunday (schedule will be varied).
- Preference will be given to applicants who have greater flexibility to take on extra shifts on short notice, as well as additional shifts in the busy summer months.
- Ideal candidate would have opportunities for long term growth (e.g. leading and creating new tours).

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Pay Rate

$49-$55 per tour plus tips

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Seattle WA

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Email your resume and a cover letter to

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