voice and writing talent for comedy news podcast


About the project and the company

Seeking voice talent  and comedic writers to don both hats for the following positions: news cohost( anchor), weather, sports and in the field(phone) for podcast news satire. 60/30: real/faux.  Not fake news, just made up to be presented as real which does not limit the nature nor the breadth of the show or  its individual comedy bits.

Cornish News Network and Cornish Machinations is totally fictional, I use Filmora X  video editor and other software apps for editing, footage, sfx and such for video shorts, usually one minute to two minutes in length often times repeating like a GIF, but with music bed and sfx.  There is never any voice work from me: it is all written on the screen addressing the audience.

On Vimeo under Cornish Machinations:    https://vimeo.com/cornishmachinations

It is has been a learning process but the videos regardless of content are beginning to look more and more professional.  I store on Vimeo and disseminate on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. I send at least three copies of each creation to various folk at CNN.

So the gig is to bring Cornish News Network to life in a podcast.

Voice or broadcast experience including some knowledge of audio production is basic to this your pay is a big fat goose egg endeavor. A warped sense of humor is mandatory and knowledge of current trending news events and social events. your ability to write comedy and to then apply in the real world and make it funny and engaging, well, you sure won’t get the gig if you are not funny on the air and can’t write ha ha he he ho ho script. The fake stuff must be funny and sound like the real deal( your writing skills, on air delivery and the ability to not laugh too much.)  The carrot dangling on the stick for listenership is Cornish News Network sounds like a real news broadcast (podcast) despite 30% being satire.

Job Description

You will be recording a news podcast and you will be required to wear headphones and speak into a microphone. audio production experience a big plus and the ability to write comedy for your pieces or bits. The ability and knowledge of how to improvise with more than one person. Huge and funny imagination to go where comedy has never gone before (Star Trek theme in background). it will be fun as we all attempt tp make this project happen. I expect to air initially one 5 to 6 minute newscast per week with the goal of Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Each will be time stamped for viewer reference since they will be podcasts.

Required Qualifications

broadcast experience on air and production studio helpful Write 30 to 60 seconds of comedy Familiarity with use of microphone and headphones( not a high bar) Be funny and engaging when needed. Knowledge of local and national news broadcast formats Acting and/or improve stage or studio experience. A brief resume of how you have made it so far in this world

Desired Qualifications

If your audition audio is funny and your voice spot on for news the technical stuff will come pretty easy.

Other details


Additional information
Preferred method of submission


Pay Rate

goose egg

Audition location

Seattle Washington

Submission instructions

recorded voice audition showing me how you sound, write and can present yourself as a serious newscaster(just kidding). it is helpful but not mandatory to have some voice over or broadcast knowledge. a unique voice is also a big plus as well as the ability to have at least two go to voices. Just send the link please {URL}. not the actual file. The podcast starts when we all get together and bond and write and sound reasonably newsworthy. Monitor grade headphones and studio quality microphone a big plus also (for your usage).

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