Washington Ensemble Theatre's Our Dear Dead Drug Lord Open Auditions

About the project and the company


Washington Ensemble Theatre is holding open auditions for their 2022 production of Our Dear Dead Drug Lord by Alexis Scheer, directed by Sophie Franco.

Our Dear Dead Drug Lord is set in the face of the 2008 presidential election in Miami, a coven of teenage girls meet in an abandoned treehouse to summon the ghost of Pablo Escobar. Are they actually summoning the leader of the Medellín Cartel? Or are they just playing tricks on one another? This roller coaster ride through the trials and terrors of girlhood dabbles in dark magic and the uncertainty of growing up.


The open call will be taking place over Zoom by appointment. If you are not available on the dates, or if you are not able to secure an audition slot, you are welcome to send in a video by 9/20 of your audition to casting@washingtonensemble.org



9/19, Sunday: Virtual Open Call 10 AM-1 PM

9/20, Monday: Virtual Open Call 6 PM- 8 PM

9/25, Saturday: Invited Auditions in person 11AM – 6PM

9/26, Sunday: Callbacks in person 6 PM- 9 PM


In the “room” will be casting directors Sien Méndez and Rachel Guyer-Mafune, artistic director Maggie L. Rogers, and director Sophie Franco.


Prior to in person auditions, we ask for proof of your covid-19 vaccination. You can provide this in person, or send a copy to casting@washingtonensemble.org.



In an effort to make the casting process more accessible, Washington Ensemble Theatre does not require a formal headshot and resume – but we would like to get to know you! Please send us a picture of yourself (selfies welcomed), your contact information, or any of the following:


-Describe the work you like to make
-Your past experiences that feel relevant to you
-A resume if you would like to share

Audition requirements

At the open call, we would love for you to share some prepared material with us. This can be a monologue, an excerpt from your favorite book, a poem, a song, a combination of these things-- anything that makes you feel like you are sharing your best self with us. Feel free to prepare as little or as much as your heart desires. We would like to see between 1 and 3 minutes of material.

Character breakdown / Project needs
just turned 18, Cuban - American President of the Dead Leaders Club, brilliant, sophisticated, passionate. Makes the rules. Will run a fortune 500 company one day.
15, Jewish-American Pipe's next door neighbor, impulsive, hilarious, excitable. Will go through many phases of "finding herself". Tries hard to appear more daring than she actually is but fails often. Feeds off of receiving attention.
26, Puerto Rican on mom's side, Haitian on dad's side Pipe's best friend, practical, grounded, creative. allergic to cats. Will run for Congress the second she is old enough.
17, Colombian - American New girl in town. sensual, mysterious, restrained. The kind of impossibly-cool that is both intimidating and seductive. Not so much thinking about the future, only how to get by in the moment.
Pipe's Sister
9, A dancer, magical, the paragon of girlhood.
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Seattle Washington

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400 400

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