Wooden O - The Tempest Open Call

Seattle Shakespeare Company

About the project and the company

Seattle Shakespeare Company invites in-person auditions from actors of all identities who reside in our local Puget Sound community who are interested in being considered for THE TEMPEST, for our touring summer Wooden O production.


At Seattle Shakespeare we believe it is important to fully represent our community onstage so that these classic texts can speak to everyone. To do so, we strive to bring together diverse performers working from their full, authentic selves and operating at the top of their craft. As a Seattle-based company, we prioritize the local cultural ecology and local artists in our work.


Following health & safety guidelines, we will be rehearsing in-person and performing live at outdoor, community, and educational venues throughout the greater Puget Sound area.

Seattle Shakespeare Company holds rehearsals for Wooden O productions during weekday evenings and on weekend days, historically between the hours of 5p-10p and 10a-6p. We are working to develop an anti-oppressive work schedule and are currently using a 5-day work-week model, expecting to learn more and respond to the specific needs of our community throughout the year. We will offer space to inform us of your access needs on our audition form and pre-contract intake.


Production INFO:


The Tempest

By William Shakespeare

Directed by Leah Adcock-Starr

1st Rehearsal: Approx. June 5, 2023

Run: July 6 – August 6, 2023


Director’s note:

This Tempest is about the ways we grapple -violently – ridiculously – hopefully – naively – powerfully – with the harm that has been done to us.  A grappling that can create legacies of wonder or legacies of pain.  Is restoration found through vengeance?  Forgiveness?  Can it be found in a storm?  Or in  the shenanigans that follow? Must we be liberated from our cycles of violence or can we liberate ourselves – what kind of magic does that require?  This is a play that asks about how costly it can be to our humanity, our relationships, to each other to wield power over another – in families, in partnership and in nations.  A play that wonders what it means, and what it costs, to be free.  

The engine of this play is human – the magic is rough, the strings are visible (and you will believe us anyway)  our storytelling is theatrical, inventive, muscular, playful.  We all sing and stomp – the music is live and played loud.  Full of heart and energy and there to drive and haunt you – like any good sea shanty ought too.  A world of planks and sails, crates and barrels. Simple, rough hewn and transformed through the playing. 

Location of Audition

Seattle Center, Armory Building

Other details

Please know that some roles may already be cast. We will also be doubling some of these roles.

If you have other inquiries about our upcoming shows or casting process, please email casting@seattleshakespeare.org — or, if you prefer, you are welcome to reach out to our Diversity Programming & Casting Associate, Pilar O’Connell (pilaro@seattleshakespeare.org).

Audition requirements

For these auditions we will ask you to prepare one of the short sides offered. These will be provided when we schedule your audition. You are not required to memorize this side, the expectation is that you will be familiar and ready to “rehearse” with it. You will receive further details with the confirmation of your audition appointment. We welcome actors of any identity to audition for any role. Characters will retain their textually-assigned gender. We are seeking some actor-musicians for this production.

Character breakdown / Project needs
The exiled supplanted Duke of Milan, a father, and practitioner of magic. A puppeteer. Full of plans. Will secure Miranda’s future by any means necessary. Seeking vengeance? Seeking their penitence.
A 15 - 16 year old girl, well-educated by her father Prospero, a survivor of sexual assault, living on the island is all she knows. All heart. Approaches the other with wonder. Falls in love with Ferdinand.
Not human, a spirit of the elements. The source of the Tempest. Powerful, true to their word and obligations and bound in service to Prospero. Seeking their freedom. Wonder. Anarchy. Joy. Fight. Mischief.
A 17-20 year old male, full of rage and dreams. Loves music. Believes that his good turn should be served by good. Attempted to sexually assault Miranda. “This island is mine”
The King of Naples, a father of Claribel and Ferdinand. Enabled the overthrow of Prospero in exchange for tribute from Milan, once his brother was in place as Duke. In profound grief for much of the play.
The Prince of Naples, late teens/20s. Conscious of his duties as son and Prince of Milan (and King of Milan) Asks about Miranda’s virginity before he asks her name. Falls in love with Miranda.
A brother - a follower but can be easily led and inspired to action.
A senior advisor to Alonso the King of Naples. Described as virtuous and good. Dreams of a utopia that he is lord and master of.
The Duke of Milan, brother to Prospero and uncle to Miranda. Usurped his brother and took the title of Duke of Milan. Wanted to have the titles for the work he was doing. Understand the value of the opportune moment. Sardonic.
A butler, serves the court of King Alonso in Naples. A survivor and dreamer.
A jester, serves the court of King Alonso in Naples. A clown and realist.
Boatswain & SeaShanty Captain/Bandleader
These are actor/musician roles. Especially interested in accordion, fiddle (or other twangy string), drum.
Additional information
Preferred method of submission


Audition/Interview dates

Auditions will be held April 8th, between 2p-7p at Seattle Center, Armory Building.

Pay type

Contract (union or other)

Audition location

Seattle WA

Pay type

Weekly AEA Pay $450 + Health & Pension Weekly Non-Union Pay $450 Weekly AEA Pay $450 + Health & Pension Weekly Non-Union Pay $450

Callbacks or second audition/interview?

There is potential for a callback April 14th

Submission instructions

To register for an audition, please fill out the form at: https://forms.gle/5kTH2nxcu6wJntLV8

Union Requirements

Open to All

Equity Contract

Equity (AEA)