Event Coordinator

Expires: June 30, 2021

Job Description

This position will require weekend and late night hours in the month of June. Stage and production managers have excelled at this job in the past. We will not cover relocation, so being in the Seattle area is a must.

The coordinator will be responsible for tracking the logistics of equipment, staff, and schedules. Working with others to ensure the success of the events,

This is a full time job through September or longer if you are so inclined.

Submission Instructions

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What will I be doing?

The Event Coordinator will be responsible for organizing the entertainment for multiple youth oriented and social events.  Being able to effectively communicate and direct staff, making quick and concise decisions, working in a fast paced environment and most importantly encouraging fun, are just a few things the event coordinator will be doing.

Required Qualifications

Qualified Candidates will possess...

(1) Strong organizational skills- Someone who can not only manage their own schedule and to do list but is able to help other stay organized as well.

(2) The Ability to Multi Task- In a fast passed environment a candidate should be able to shift focus when needed and balance a sense of urgency with a calm practicality. 

(3) Excellent Communication skills- a successful team requires a leader that is able to communicate directly and clearly while listening and encouraging its members.

(4) The Ability to be Detail Oriented- Attention to detail for events, logistics and a professional approach to all responsibilities will make a candidate successful in this position.

(5) Energy and creativity- We are responsible for providing fun memorable events and the operations manager is the person who sets the tone for all of the other staff.

In addition, we look for a qualified candidate who is dependable and adaptable. They must possess a strong work ethic and understand that in a small business environment it may be necessary to wear many hats.  The right person will enjoy leading a tight knit team that relies upon them and is a critical component to others success.


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Pay Details

Pay Rate: Based on Experience
Job Type: Other
Employment Type: Seasonal


Locality: Local to Seattle
, WA