Organization Membership


Become a TPS Star Organization! Does your company have performers, designers, or technicians? Then this is the TPS Membership type for you. Organizational Memberships are designed for performing arts organizations around Puget Sound and the organizations that directly support them. There are 7 Organizational Membership Levels, and dues are based on annual budget, except for our newest introductory level for those which have only been in existence for 18 months or less. Organizational Membership is best for those organizations that want direct connections to those in the industry including traditional theatre, admin support, burlesque, choral, dance, improv, lightsaber, opera, foundations, symphony, and more. TPS supports all stages of the arts!

All of our Star Organizations Membership levels receive the same great benefits. Organizations join for many reasons, but our most popular benefits include audition and job postings, advertising performances and events, and giving TPS Members discounts to help drive your own sales and support the community. There is a wide range of other benefits, and we are working hard to add additional benefits and increased support to our Star Member Organizations. Check out the fuller list of our ongoing and upcoming benefits below. If your organization is experiencing financial hardship, consider applying for our TPS Membership Scholarship.

All plans receive

Member Profile

Build a customized online professional company profile. Create an organizational record on the TPS website that includes detailed info about your company, your logo, your history, your upcoming shows & auditions, a link to your website, direct links to tickets and subscription sales, and up to 4 photos, 4 audio links, and 1 video link included with your membership. Find, contact, and network with other TPS Members and Star Member Organizations on the platform. Drive ticket sales by offering coupons and discounts to your shows and events.​

Submit your eligible productions for annual Gregory Award consideration. Vote as an organization on new peer-to-peer recognitions that celebrate “all stages of the arts.” Receive an early invitation for limited seating to the Gregory Awards events for members of your organization so you can secure your spot, or an organization table, before tickets run out!  Submit your organization for consideration for the People Choice Award for Favorite Organization of the North, South, East, West, or Central Puget Sound! These awards will honor performing arts organizations throughout Puget Sound who TPS Members recognize for doing outstanding community work.

Participate in free TPS-hosted Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) training, programs, and initiatives. Contribute to drafting, and have the option for your organization to sign the Puget Sound Theatre Code of Conduct. Gain access to Human Resources & Equal Opportunity knowledge support through the Community Toolkit.

While you are a TPS Star Organization Member, send up to 3 people to attend 3 fee-based workshops for FREE. That’s up to 9 free workshops! Send additional members from your organization and attend additional workshops at our special Star Organization discount (including our popular OSHA training workshops). Additionally, receive special invitations to free, low cost, or reduced cost trainings through the year.

Receive exclusive access to the Puget Sound Performing Arts Quarterly Grant Prospecting Matrix. Use this curated quarterly grants finder to quickly find and select the best opportunities available for you and your organization’s needs.​

Receive unlimited free posting privileges on TPS’ online public-facing events & performances calendar and job & audition listings – the region’s most comprehensive for live theatre. Take advantage of the ability to boost your posts to reach tens of thousands through affordable sponsorship opportunities. Additionally, TPS regularly selects social media posts of our Organizational Members and shares them with the TPS Community. We do better when you do better, so let’s be better together. Receive a digital TPS Star Organization Member Card. Share the TPS Star Organization logo to encourage thousands of local TPS Individual Members, TPS Associates, and TPS Patron Members to choose you.​

Obtain exclusive access to the Theatre Online Resource & Community Hub (TORCH).

  • Participate in member-only discussion boards
  • Download useful tools, training, and resources
  • Contribute your own resources to the community toolkit
  • Participate in revenue sharing opportunities or your contribution.
  • And be a part of the collaborative performing arts community as we strengthen together.
  • Add your planning and events to a Star Member-only Community Coordination Calendar and a Public-facing Events Calendar.
  • Sign up for our TPS member exclusive newsletter.
  • Stay in the know with information found on the TPS Times, and put out your own organization’s messages and information to others in the industry.
  • Be a part of our new Membership Advisory Council work groups to help TPS better support you and your organizations. These workgroups focus on our support for all stages of the arts – emerging or established, large or small, and for traditional staged plays to all of the performing arts.


Our industry shares needs and challenges, and TPS aims to serve as the locus of information, resources, and support. 

Book affordable practice rooms, studios, and theatres of many shapes & sizes for rehearsals, performances, training, hosting workshops, auditions, and more through our Space4Arts Program. TPS has rehearsal studios, Center Theatre, Theatre4, the BlackBox Theatre, a conference & board room, and we’re preparing new spaces such as The Shop @ Studio K where you can build, paint, sew, create, and experiment, and Conference Room workstations coming soon. Many of our spaces have pianos (including 2 Steinway Grand Pianos). Other space offerings include music stands, chairs, tables, white boards, cork-boards, rehearsal cubes, box fans, air purifiers, curtains, and full-length wall-to-wall mirrors. 

Directly Message other Theatre Puget Sound Individual, Patron, Associate, and Organization members through the TPS website platform. Receive messages and connect with members instantly.

Plan Options

AAA Level



Annual Budget: $1m or greater (includes Fine Arts focused colleges, universities, and training programs)

AA Level



Annual Budget: $500k to $1m (includes private colleges and universities)

A Level



Annual Budget: $250k to $500k (includes public colleges and universities)




Annual Budget: $100k to 250k




Annual Budget: $50k to $100k (includes K-12 Private School Theatre Programs)




Annual Budget: $0 to $50k (Includes K-12 Public School Theatre Programs)




Annual Budget: $0 to $50k

Membership Add-Ons

Boost Events

Get your event seen, with priority listing in our event calendars

Boost Auditions

Get your audition seen, with priority listing in our audition calendar

Boost Job Listings

Get your job opening seen, with priority listing in our job directory

Sponsored ads

Shown in our newsletters, on our website, or throughout our social media

Gregory Award Sponsorship

Eligibility for sponsorship at the Gregory Awards

IRL Poster Advertising

Show posters in our facility space where foot traffic is guaranteed to see it

Additional Workshops or Attendance Slots

Purchase additional workshop slots each year