Creating a Passionate Life, LLC
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Creating a Passionate Life, LLC

It is my belief as a workshop facilitator, speaker, coach, and artist that we were all created to inspire, impact, and create a better world by being our best self. At times though we face challenges that cause us to wonder, doubt, and lose our confidence. If you can relate to one or more of these statements: *I believe that I was created to inspire and impact the people around me. I struggle with the how and need help clarifying. *I believe that what I am doing and creating is my life's purpose. The people around me let alone in the world are not responding to me and my message the way I want - I am not getting the jobs I want. *I know I am a creative (actor, designer, director, artist, etc) but people are not noticing me. *You own a business and feel like your employees and/or the business is languishing. Are you not sure how to pivot to reengage to make an impact anymore? I can help. As a Presence and Life Empowerment Coach Speaker, and Teacher, I work with women and men who want to be seen, be heard, and inspire change in the world to be what we dream and desire it to be. You know create the change we want in the world!

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