Creating a Passionate Life, LLC
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Creating a Passionate Life, LLC

Regardless of our training and experience, as artists we face obstacles and challenges that cause us to wonder, doubt, and lose confidence in our self and craft. It is my belief as an artist, coach, and teacher that we were created to inspire, impact, and shift the world view with our talent. Can relate to these statements: *I believe that I was created to inspire and impact the people around me. *I believe that I was created to use my talent as my life's purpose. However at times struggle with: *I am not getting the jobs or roles I want and know I am the right fit for. *I know I am a creative (actor, designer, director, artist) and people are not not noticing me. *I am not making the income I desire with my craft. I work with actors, musicians, directors, artistic directors and others who want to move out of the shadows to the spotlight with their talent, ideas, and projects so that they are noticed, received, and make the income they desire. I offer one-on-one and group facilitation to enhance your skills so that you feel confident in all your creative endeavors. For more information contact Cyndi at

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