Studio D

If you are looking for a studio with natural light, look no further. Studio D is a corner studio with northern and western facing windows. D has one wall of mirrors and wood floors.

Max Occupancy: 25 People
Starts at $10/hr
Seattle Center Maps:


Width: 28.85 FT
Length: 30.25 FT
Ceiling: 11 FT
Area: 882 SQFT

Room Info

Windows: North, West
Mirrors: Curtained
Flooring: Wood
Piano: Upright Piano

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TPS provides clean and affordable rentals in the Seattle Center Armory. Each of our studio and performance spaces are equipped with standard amenities specific to the space (please see the space specific page for details), and we understand that in some circumstances you may require additional amenities. In addition to adding to the number of standard amenities, TPS also offers equipment rental for our spaces.

How to purchase add-ons when booking:

When making a reservation in one of the TPS spaces, you will find a list of available add-ons below the date selector.

Please note the specific instruction next to the add-on you are selecting. Some items will be charged a flat rate for the day and some you will need to do a small amount of math. 

Tech Use Fees:

TPS has a number of spaces with enhanced technology systems. On the rental pages for the Black Box Theatre, Theatre4, Center Theatre and the Conference Room you will find space-specific Tech Use Add-On options. These are all charged per day and will have specific parameters for use.

For more instructions on how to select the appropriate add-ons for your reservation you can refer to the Equipment Rental section below.

Studio D
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Booking reminders are sent out 24 hours in advance of the start of your chosen booking time. Same-day bookings require you to reach out to our Space4Arts team to receive your access code. To ensure that we can confirm your order and provide your access codes in a timely manner please email for any booking made within 24 hours of your starting time.

Please note: all bookings are subject to confirmation.  If your booking does not meet requirements, adjustments may be needed before you are allowed to reserve a space and make your payment.

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