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TPS Black Box Theatre

Rehearsal Space
$15/hr - Please Use Inquiry Form for Performances or Use with Technical Equipment

The Black Box Theatre offers the community project opportunities in small, neutral environment. The Black Box is a great place to film your next music video or present new-play develop readings and performances.

It is open to all disciplines of art and available to non-profit arts organizations and individual artists who wish to develop, teach, and/or perform their creative products, in a supportive and professional environment. Works ranging from one-person shows, school showcases, public readings, and full cast productions have and can be produced in the Black Box.


  • 78 seat proscenium style theatre with tiered seating
  • Stage dimensions: TBD
  • Large lobby with concessions counter
  • Tech booth with window overlooking the house/stage area
  • Black velour drapes
  • Performance rental includes use of conference room as a dressing/green room
  • No windows
  • Yamaha Upright piano
  • Technical consultations and support by TPS’s Technical Director

Performance Lighting – available to all Performance and Youth Showcase rental clients

  • ETC Expression lighting console
  • 3 NSI DDS6000 4 channel dimmer packs 1200 watts per dimmer- 4800 watts per pack. 8 dimmers total
  • 18 Altman 6″ fresnels
  • 4 Strand mini-zoom ellipsoidals
  • 4 CCT mini zoom ellipsoidals
  • 8 Par38 houselights – controllable from main console.
  • Extension cables, color frames, barn doors, pattern holders available

Sound Equipment – available to all Performance and Youth Showcase rental clients

  • Ramsa (Panasonic) 16 channel mixing console
  • Dual CD player
  • 2 Mackie SRM450 active speakers
  • 8 channel stage snake
  • Microphones, cable, mic stands, music stands etc available

Projection Equipment – available to all rental clients upon request

  • Video projector – rental fee applies
  • Several small front and rear projection screen options available at no charge.
  • VGA cable and adaptors for most hardware supplied.
  • Renter must provide their own source hardware.
Contact details
  • facilities@tpsonline.org
  • 206-651-4106

305 Harrison Street
The Armory
4th floor
Seattle WA 98109

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Rooms can only be reserved up to 6 months in advance. For reservations outside of the 6 month window, please use the inquiry form.

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