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Jenn Ruzumna

Age Range: -
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
LGBTQIA2: Do Not Identify with
Race/Ethnicity: White
Weight Range: 121-140lbs
Jenn is a Seattle-based stage and film actor.  She has worked on stages such as Seattle Public Theater, Macha Theater Works, Annex, Tacoma Actors Guild (way back in the day) and others.  Most recently, she was seen in Macbeth: A Rock Musical at Seattle Public Theater - her favorite show to date.  Other favorite roles include Bernie (Hand of Talons), The Librarian (Scary Mary), Deborah (A Kind of Alaska) and Anne (Happy, Happy, Happy).  Jenn is also active on screen in the Northwest film industry and is looking forward to the release of the upcoming film Marcie’s with Try This Films.  Favorite past films include Nothing Against Life (NAL films), Brown’s Canyon and Phoebe’s Father (Try This Films).
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