Jonathan Swindle

Personal features
  • Job Title: Actor
  • Weight: 185
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Vocal Range: Baritone
  • Gender Identity: Cis Man
  • Pronouns: They/Them, He/Him
  • Industry: Theatre
  • Main Profession: Actor
  • Age Range: 22 - 42
  • Race or Ethnicity: White
  • Union Affiliation:
  • Side professions:
  • Certified Beginning Actor Combatant in Unarmed; Certified Beginning Combatant in Broadsword (Dueling Arts International)
  • Certified Combatant in Single Sword (Society of American Fight Directors)
  • Certified Lessac Kinesensic Training Practitioner
  • Dialects: Russian, German, Received Pronunciation, Southern, New York, Irish, Cockney
  • Advanced improvisational skills (Close, Napier, Gellman)
  • Impressive beard-growing abilites
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