Donate or Sponsor

How to Donate to TPS

There are many monetary ways to donate to Theatre Puget Sound. If you are specifically looking for a way to support TPS in sponsorship please visit the next section down this page.

Mail A Check

Make it out to Theatre Puget Sound and send it to Theatre Puget Sound, PO Box 19643 Seattle, WA  98109

Through our website you can make a one time, recurring or program specific donation using a debit or credit card. To process a bank transfer donation please email for an invoice that will allow you to make a donation via ACH.

Consistent support from donors making monthly, quarterly, or annual gifts provides a strong and reliable foundation on which TPS can depend. Set up your preferences for your recurring gift through our online donation tool, or give us a call and we can help you over the phone (206) 249-7975‬.

If you have established a Donor Advised Fund (DAF), you can recommend that Theatre Puget Sound be supported by a grant through that DAF. Please notify TPS that a gift is being granted because of your request by emailing

Instruct your IRA trustee to send a check or write a check directly from your IRA account to Theatre Puget Sound, IRS Tax ID: 91-1779663, 305 Harrison St. Seattle, WA 98109

If you’ve held publicly-traded stocks and bonds, you may incur capital gains tax if you sell those assets. Consider donating them directly to Theatre Puget Sound instead. Consult your financial advisor about what is best for your situation. Call us for transfer details.

By donating through your will or trust in any dollar amount or percentage you are helping to secure both your own legacy as well as the longevity of the performing arts in the Puget Sound.

Here is some template language to include in your will or trust:

I give to Theatre Puget Sound, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located at  PO Box 19643 Seattle, WA  98109, Tax ID: 91-1779663, ________ [a dollar amount or percentage of the estate or property to be donated] for unrestricted use.

You are welcome to contact us for more information or to discuss these options with your personal financial advisor.

Are you looking to honor an important person in your life who loved the Performing Arts? You can make these gifts online through our donation system or contact us for help.

Many employers will match a donation you make, either monetarily or through matched volunteer hours. Ask your employer if this is an option for you.

Consider creating an endowment fund to help Theatre Puget Sound secure sustained financial backing. The creation of this fund involves a gift of $100,000,000 or more, which can be made immediately or over two to five years. Contact us to learn about your options with Theatre Puget Sound. We would be so grateful for your support.

You may be able to claim a tax deduction for gifts of fine art, wine, tickets (e.g. theatre, opera, sporting events, entertainment, etc.) and other tangible property to be auctioned at a Theatre Puget Sound fundraising event. Learn more about the value of these donations here.

Recurring payroll deductions allow you to spread your donation pledge over the course of a year, in smaller, more financially manageable amounts to be deducted from your paycheck and in a way that provides a foundation for TPS. Bonus – merchant fees typically incurred with online donation transactions are avoided and your donation is still tax-deductible.

Sponsorship & Larger Giving

TPS has historically avoided pursuing funders or grants that would put us in direct competition with the organizations that we support. That said, you and your organization might have contacts looking to secure their legacy or financially support our organization in a larger way, and we have several opportunities for these funders. If any of these options appeal to you or someone you know, please email and we will get you connected through the proper channels.

Co-Sponsoring Torch

TPS is excited to be launching our new website in the coming weeks. The website will include a brand new space for our community to benefit from our collective efforts, energies and experience. The Theatre Online Resource and Community Hub (TORCH) will include public forums, community submitted posts, jobs and auditions listings and MORE! You have the opportunity to Co-Sponsor this singularly unifying resource for our community through your $30,000 gift.

Named Executive Director

Help TPS’ internationally published Executive Director put their doctorate back to good use while improving community programs. Your $150,000 named appointment will return our Executive Director to full-time for a year, and provide additional funding for a research project which will help the community and be submitted for publication in an established journal, listing you as the project’s funder. (This is not an endowment – but we would love to discuss endowment opportunities with you).

Named Teaching Artist(s)

Help provide a professional paid rate for professional instruction to the community. For $95,000 you can bring a local teaching artist on full-time salary with benefits for a year. There is so much we want to provide for the community, and your funding will help make this possible. Being able to pay TPS Staff a living wage is key to being able to bring back TPS programs.

Named Spaces

For as little as $10k, you could secure your local legacy through the naming of a Theatre Puget Sound space at Seattle Center. If you’re looking for a larger naming opportunity (in the hundreds-of-thousands range), we have 2 theatres with naming rights available. Alternatively, consider our largest sponsorship opportunity by helping us to reimagine the Center Theatre Lobby as a community gathering space.

Sponsorship of The Gregory Awards

An annual opportunity at $50,000. Details on sponsor benefits can be provided. Your sponsorship ensures that this long standing community celebration of the performing arts is secured for another year! While the nomination process is ongoing this season, and there will be awardees selected and honored, there will not be an in-person or virtual community celebration event or ceremony without this additional funding. An excellent marketing opportunity, the TPS co-sponsor of The 2024 Gregory Awards will be listed above the title and in all materials which historically have reached a 1M+ audience each year.

Something Else?

Have a partnership or sponsorship idea not listed? We are all ears! Email to be connected with our team and to start the discussion.