Membership Advisory Council

Membership Advisory Council

The mission of TPS is to foster and advocate for a robust and equitable theatre community. As TPS moves toward becoming an anti-racist organization, we are eager to engage in processes, procedures, and programming decisions which benefits the whole of the community and take into account those who have been most impacted by systemic oppression in our discipline, and specifically the impacts of racial identity within our broader theatre community. We encourage meaningful dialogue, education, and engagement in the topic of race and social justice, bias, and anti-racist practices. Part of our effort to accomplish this is the re-initiation of the MAC.

We value a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture. Furthermore, decades of research demonstrates that diverse and inclusive teams perform at a higher level than homogenous groups. We are committed to equity in all areas of our work and encourage applications from all individuals. We strongly encourage those from groups who have been historically and unjustly underrepresented to apply, and we welcome your direct and necessary questions and calls-to-action to ensure we grow and maintain a rich company culture which fully represents, supports, and honors the beauty of intersectional humanity.

MAC Committees

The Membership Advisory Council (MAC) is a group of leaders who advise Theatre Puget Sound (TPS) on the best ways to support Puget Sound Performing Arts and our membership base. Special Working Groups from the MAC meet independently on particular areas of focus or specific interest and report back to the MAC to partner in collaborative supporting efforts. Through this mechanism, Theatre Puget Sound stays directly connected with the TPS membership base and the community. TPS is a service and advocacy organization, supporting individuals and organizations in the performing arts, as well as patrons and supporting businesses throughout the Puget Sound Region. We aim to provide the services and support which strengthen cultural vitality. The best singular way that we can do this is through direct communication with our members and the advisement of the MAC.

MAC Committees available for Member of TPS to join:

Governance (MAC Charter, Board Bylaws)
Gregory Awards
Unified General Auditions
Tech & Design support
Education (regular recurring)
Space4Arts (increase rentals)
Strategic Planning
Member Events
Website back end (WordPress) / Member user support
IDEA (& Ensuring IDEA in All Committees)

To express your interest in joining a MAC committee please email