Theatre Puget Sound Hiring Events

See and Be Seen! While the Unified General Auditions are one of the most well-known programs produced by Theatre Puget Sound, recently developed events like the Tech & Design Job Fair and the Playwright Pitches have widened the scope of access and opportunities available to TPS members.

Shot of a female dancer shaking the judges hands during a dance audition

Unified General Auditions

Each year Theatre Puget Sound produces events where participating organizations audition hundreds of actors and singing actors. This is not only a great way for Puget Sound performers to be seen by dozens of organizations in one audition - it is also an amazing way for our community to gather together and reconnect each year.

The auditions are held at the Center Theatre in the Seattle Center Armory, located on the Seattle Center campus. The theater is located on the 1st floor, easily accessible from the East side of the building.

PARKING: Street and lot parking is available on all sides of the Seattle Center Campus. The Armory is located near the center of campus, so it does not really matter which side you’re parked. Street parking can be hard to come by, so arrive early to look for a spot.
VOLUNTEERS: It takes a lot of people and a lot of work to organize and execute our Hiring Events. If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the following form.


Qualified actors (singing and non-singing) are invited to bring a 2-3 minute audition, performing in front of local representatives of theaters, commercial agencies, and other performance opportunities.

What does it mean to Qualify?
  • Auditioners must be current members of Theatre Puget Sound (can’t afford membership? Apply for a scholarship – please note that the final round of scholarshipping prior to the Unified General Auditions is held in January. Be sure to submit your application early for consideration)
  • You must meet one of the following requirements to make the first round of scheduling:
    • 4 professional stage credits (fully staged, cannot be academic or self-produceD
    • College acting degree 
    • Active member of Actors’ Equity Association, or an Equity Membership Candidate (EMC)
    • Letter of recommendation from a local casting director or director
  • In Person Acting Audition: $15 application fee
  • In person Singing Audition: $20 application fee
  • Digital Submission (no in person): $10 application fee

The auditions take place in the Center Theatre, located on the first floor of the Seattle Center Armory (305 Harrison St.)

When UGA registration opens, you will be able to fill out an application on the website. 


If you are eligible to audition and there are audition slots available, you will receive an email with a link to access our online scheduler. Please note that slots are first come, first serve and it is in your best interest to schedule your audition date and time quickly. We cannot guarantee accommodation for scheduling conflicts.

The Unified General Auditions are not intended for beginning actors; it is generally not beneficial for actors until they have reached the eligibility requirements listed above. If you would still like to apply, you can be put on the waitlist. Waitlist members will be notified after initial scheduling and will be updated on available times. If no times are available, waitlist actors’ will have a chance to submit a virtual audition.

You are encouraged to provide a Full-color headshot and complete PDF resume. These are made available to all auditors in a digital format. 

Non-union actors get 2 minutes to audition, while AEA/EMC actors get 3 minutes.  You can do any number of monologues/songs within your allotted time. Your appointment time will include 1 minute of transition into and out of the room. If your piece does not begin with spoken text, the timer starts the moment you begin your action or music starts.


  • If you are doing a Non-Singing audition – you will perform only a monologue in your audition. If you are doing a Singing audition you may use your time for both acting and singing.
  • Consider choosing your monologue from our TPS monologue library – materials written and provided by local playwrights.
  • While there is no official guideline to dictate what material you must do for your audition, most actors do 2 contrasting pieces.
  • There also is no rule about the order in which you present your monologues and/or songs.
  • Remember your time limit! In practice, strive to make your audition at least 20 seconds under time to give yourself some leeway.
  • There is no dress code, but auditors have indicated that they expect you to dress appropriately and professionally. Elaborate costumes are not necessary – just let them see you!
  • Strong language is allowed, but please note there are companies of all sensibilities in the audience. Most will not be interested in a “shocking” monologue and some may even find it distracting.
  • Preparation is essential for a good audition. The more prepared you are, the more relaxed you will be on stage.
  • Above all else, be bold and make strong choices. The auditors see about 100 actors a day, and the actors who are confident, friendly, and enjoying themselves always stand out.
  • Relax! The auditors are rooting for you — they want to see you succeed.

If you’re singing, you will briefly meet with the accompanist immediately before your audition, on stage. Please see the UGA website for more information on this year’s accompanist. Singing auditioners should plan to use an accompanist. No recorded accompaniments please. No acapella please.

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your audition time.  Look for the Actor Check-In table in the lobby of the Center Theatre.  A volunteer will note your arrival and guide you to the warm-up rooms. AEA and EMC auditioners, please double check with the volunteer that your union status is correct (otherwise you may be cut off a minute early!).

A loud and quiet warm-up room is provided for actor preparation.  A TPS staff member will periodically stop by these rooms to bring actors to the “On Deck Circle.”  TPS will also give a reminder of the rules and processes so make sure you’re in one of the rooms to hear the speech!

When your audition time is near, TPS will personally escort you to the “On Deck Circle.” Once the actor on stage has finished and left the stage, it’s your time!  Pause a moment, take a deep breath, and head into the Center Theatre.


  • Find your light (it will be marked on the floor)
  • If you are singing, first meet with the accompanist to discuss your piece
  • A chair and an actor block will be available on stage
  • Greet the auditors with your full name, as well as the titles of the monologues and/or songs you will be performing. Speak clearly and let your personality shine through! If you are utilizing one of the Local Playwright provided Monologues from the TPS monologue library, please credit your piece appropriately
  • Once you’re finished, thank the audience and leave through the door marked “ACTOR EXIT”

Check out!

  • You’re finished. Take a deep breath and be proud of your work!
  • You do not need to check out with TPS Staff
  • Make sure you have all your belongings.  Did you forget something in one of the warmup rooms? We acquire many water bottles every year
  • For your convenience an up-to-date list of auditors is available online and in the lobby of the theatre

All auditions are timed.

  • Remember: 2 minutes for non-equity and 3 minutes for AEA/EMC
  • The clock starts the moment you “start” your first piece 
  • The Timekeeper’s job is to make sure we stay on our extremely tight schedule and to make sure that everyone is treated equitably. Therefore, the person doing this job is instructed to be rigorously strict regarding time.
  • If you go over time, the Timekeeper will say “Thank You.” There is no warning system or light.
  • Once time has been called: stop immediately, thank the auditors, and leave.
  • If you used the chair or block, make sure to put it back where it was before your audition.

TPS does not conduct and is not affiliated with any callbacks. Each theatre has its own method and approach to casting. Some may catch up with you before you exit the auditorium, others may contact you 10 hours after your audition, still others will have you on their minds and be hoping for an opportunity to use you but not have reason to contact you for 10 months. There is no “usual” way things go.


Looking to cast your next show, or season? Or perhaps just filling out your portfolio for future projects? The Unified General Auditions are the perfect way to find the people you are looking for! In past years, Theatre Puget Sound has presented over 400 actors over 4 days, with both union and nonunion talent, singing, youth, and more.

How do I get registered as an auditor?

Registration to be an auditor at the Unified General Auditions will be available on the website. Organizations and individuals looking to cast productions are welcome to audit these auditions.

Be sure to check back often as the cost for this event may change. Currently we offer a member and a non member rate for auditing, based on the size of your organization.

Type of Organization

TPS Member Rate

Nonmember Rate


(No org affiliation)



Patron Member or Student



Pre-A Level Performing Arts Star Organization

(Annual Budget under $250k)



A & AA Level Performing Arts Star Organizations or Diamond Associate (Annual Budget Under $1 Mil)(Annual Budget under $1Mil)



AAA Level Performing Arts Star Organizations or Diamond Associate (Annual Budget $1 Mil+)(Annual Budget over $1Mil)



Each auditor will be provided an updated daily schedule with a direct link to the auditioners headshots and resumes. A list of other auditors attending the auditions will also be provided.

Auditors will also have access to the Digital Binder, which will include full profiles of the auditioners and will be made available for up to 10 months after the event.  This Digital Binder also includes access to the Playwrights, Technicians and Designers involved in other hiring events.

The Unified General Auditions are typically held from 10am – 5pm over the course of 4 or 5 days.

At the start of each day, and midway through the final day of auditions, you will be an audience to local Playwrights who have been selected to share with you their work for consideration.

Auditioners will be welcomed into the room one at a time for their 3-4 minute allotted time.
Short breaks are scheduled throughout the day and a 1 hour lunch break is scheduled midway through each day.

For more information on this program, including upcoming event dates and details, please visit the Unified General Auditions website.

If you have participated in this year’s event and are looking for the Digital Binder of Performers, Playwrights and Technicians, you will find that (password protected space) on the Unified General Auditions website.