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Playwright Pitches

TPS recognizes that there is an abundance of amazing playwrights right here in our community. We work to foster recognition and opportunities for these playwrights through the annual Playwright Pitches that occur each year during the Unified General Auditions. 

What is a Playwright Pitch?

TPS is offering 2-3 minute playwright introductions with our auditors during the Unified General Auditions. These will be spread out through the week, subject to available time.

We recommend you select a specific piece of work to pitch to the audience, focusing on your style or particular specialty.

Complete an application to be considered for one of the limited spots to present your material in front of a captive audience of producers, casting directors and artistic directors. Applications will open in the months preceding the event. Keep an eye on our social media, newsletters and events calendar for exact dates.

Playwrights will be selected by a committee of professional playwright members of from our community. Those not selected for in-person pitches, or those interested in being represented in the Digital Binder but not interested in presenting in person are welcome to submit their information for a reduced price.

Playwrights chosen to present their materials will pay a registration fee of $15.
Those selected for or opting for the Digital Binder will have a registration fee of $10.

Depending on the type of registration, you will either have a chance to present in-person or you will have your profile and work included in the Digital Binder. The Digital Binder is an online resource library provided to all auditors of the Unified General Auditions and all attending organizations of the Tech & Design Fair. This binder will include the information of all in-person and digitally submitted Playwright Pitches. This serves as an ongoing resource for Organizations to find the skill and materials they need to produce the amazing performing art works in the Puget Sound.

Playwright Competition

Coming soon, we are excited to announce our Playwright Competition. Playwrights working locally as well as National playwrights focused on Puget Sound related works are encouraged to submit their work for the chance to have a staged reading of their work produced in a TPS space. Stay tuned for more information!

Headshot Day

Need a new headshot? Theatre Puget Sound works with photographers in the Pacific Northwest, creating a community event that lowers the cost of professional headshots for members of our community. For more information about this program, including anticipated dates of the next event, please keep an eye on our social media and our events calendar.

Monologue Library

TPS works hard to connect art makers in the Puget Sound. One way that we do this is by collecting monologues written by local area playwrights for exclusive use by our auditioners of the Unified General Auditions. These monologues live in a password protected library on the UGA website, and those registered to audition at the UGAs are given access to select monologues to prepare and present for the Auditors. Playwrights will be credited for their work at the beginning of the audition where their work is being used. Playwrights submitting their work will also appear in the Digital Binder of resources for Auditors and Attendees of the Tech and Design Job Fair.

Submissions for, and access to the Monologue Library will open back up in the months preceding the UGAs