The Triangle Factory Fire Project


Price Range: $20-29
Rainy Day Artistic Collective's production of “The Triangle Factory Fire Project," written by Christopher Piehler in collaboration with Scott Alan Evans, and directed by Jack Seamus Conley. This play will be performed April 12-21, 2024 at Theatre 4 in the Seattle Center Armory. Theatre 4 is located on the building's fourth floor. This venue has no age restrictions, although we would not recommend this show for young children. About the play: The Triangle Factory Fire Project "uses eyewitness accounts, court transcripts and other archival material to create a dramatic moment-by-moment account of the fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in 1911 and the social upheaval that followed. It culminates in the manslaughter trial of the owners, Isaac Harris and Max Blanck, whose shocking acquittal inspires new outrage across New York and the entire country, the repercussions of which shaped social, political, and economic policies for decades to come. By using real words spoken by real people, from Ukrainian seamstresses to millionaire Fifth Avenue socialites, The Triangle Factory Fire Project paints a heartbreakingly clear picture of a disastrous day in American history and explores the human toll such a tragedy takes on us all." -Dramatists Play Service


TPS Theatre4

Date and time

Friday / Apr 12, 07:00 PM to Sunday / Apr 21, 07:00 PM

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