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TPS membership offers you so much greater value than the sum of services rendered. When you join TPS you invest in the future of our region’s theatres and artists. TPS has 4 types of memberships: Individual, Organizational, Associate, and Patron.

Most importantly, your membership supports the advocacy work of TPS, the strongest and most persuasive regional voice on local and national issues that impact our region’s performing arts community.

Individual Membership

Only $99/annually

For those who work, are planning to work, or are volunteers in the performing arts industry across Puget Sound.

Organization Membership

Starts at $75/annually

For performing arts organizations around Puget Sound and the organizations that directly support them.

Associate Membership

Starts at $100/annually

Perfect for arts-adjacent organizations and businesses who directly or indirectly support and want to support performing arts in Puget Sound.

Patron Membership

Only $55/annually

For performing arts enthusiasts eager to deepen their engagement with the vibrant tapestry of performances and cultural events in the Puget Sound area.