Grant Prospecting

TPS strives to provide resources to help the theatre community in the Puget Sound Area thrive. Below you will find a Grant Tracking Tool that you and your organization can reference to help find grant opportunities that may fit your needs. This tool is updated quarter by a team dedicated to searching for the best grants for theatre arts organizations. For a limited time this information is being provided to the general community, but this will become an exclusive Star Organization Member Benefit in the near future. For a direct link to a view only copy of this grant tracking tool please use this link. If you would like to use this content in a more engaged manner, please feel free to copy and paste the information into your own Google Sheet. You can then filter the information and create your own notes relative to your organization and application status.

Mission Forward Fundraising provides this resource to TPS quarterly for the benefit of our Star Organization Members and Individual Members. Thank you for protecting our partner’s intellectual property for this exclusive use. 

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