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TPS needs your help. After 27 years in operation, Theatre Puget Sound and the community programs you love will end this year. 

What Does This Mean? 
It is no great surprise that theatre organizations all over the world are suffering in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic. Theatre Puget Sound has worked hard to resurrect the programs and resources that help to support and sustain the performing arts in our community. We are working to bring our cultural economy back to health, but we cannot do it alone.

Thank you to the generous individual donors who have contributed to keeping the doors of TPS open a little longer!

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TPS in the TIMES
By Gemma Wilson
Seattle Times arts and culture writer

What Seattle stands to lose if Theatre Puget Sound doesn’t make it

Making theater in 2024’s culture and economy is hard enough, and anything that makes it harder — including possibly losing TPS, with its mission “to foster and advocate for a robust and equitable theater community” — would be, in my very professionally expressed opinion, a staggering bummer.

What is Theatre Puget Sound? Among its chief functions, TPS presents The Gregory Awards, which annually (with the exception of a few COVID years) honors shows and artists in the region; its website hosts job and audition postings, show listings, and other points of peer-to-peer connection; and it runs the unified general auditions, where TPS member actors can audition for representatives from many different theaters at once.

read the full article here

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