Space 4 Arts FAQ

  1. Do I have to be a TPS member to rent space?
    No. Our rental spaces are available to all groups for non-commercial, artistic endeavors. You should be able to book directly & see additional info about our studios by following the links from this webpage: If you have any difficulties with booking on our website, please email Performance related bookings, and bookings in our performance venues, should be done by contacting (You must have a free account in order to login and book space on the website. )
  2. What types of activities can be booked in the studios. Rehearsals, photoshoots, readings, meetings, donor events, etc. are all examples of permissible space usage. Be sure to mention your intended use of the space at the time you submit your rental request. Certain activities may be limited due to excessive noise, safety concerns, or potential damage to the space. 
  3. Can I run a workshop or class at TPS
    Yes, provided it is arts-based. Please note that higher rental rates will apply for workshops or classes when participants are charged a fee. 
  4. What is your cancellation policy?
    TPS has a seven-day cancellation policy to receive any applicable credits. You must contact TPS seven full days before the reserved date. For cancellations received within the required timeframe, a credit will be issued to the account. All credits must be used within 6 months of cancellation.
  5. How early can I arrive at my rehearsal room? Can I stay later if I need to?
    Your rehearsal room will be available at the time you booked it for. If you need access to the room earlier in order to load in, set up you will need to add additional time to your reservation. Likewise, if you need additional time at the end of your event to load out or clean up, you will need to request that additional time when you book the space. Please note that the rehearsal rooms are often booked back to back, so it is important that you request the time needed, including set up/clean up and refer to the calendar for any extensions. 
  6. How do I get into the room?
    The room should be locked at the time you have booked, and should be locked when you leave. You will be issued a code to access the key roughly 1 to 2 days prior to your first date in the space, along with instructions. Should you run into any issues, please contact TPS at the number listed on the door. If you can not reach TPS, please reach out to Seattle Center Security at the other number listed on the door. When Security arrives, please have your reservation confirmation email ready to show to them.
  7. Can I request a specific room?
  8. Yes. When submitting a request you can state your room preference. However, TPS often may not be able to accommodate your request. Requests for rooms are filled on a first come, first served basis. The earlier you submit your request, the better chance you will have of getting the room you want. Any bookings in Theatre4 or Black Box are subject to being moved, if a later performance request is made for those hours, as we prioritize performances in these spaces.
  9. Can I rent all of the rooms?
    No. The maximum number of rooms any one group can rent at a time is four. Any bookings with rooms greater than 4 will be removed from the reservation. 
  10. Can I request a room already booked?
    If a block of time is required but not available consecutively in one room, you may make a request for a longer room block by contacting TPS at We will see if there is an option to adjust other bookings to accommodate your request.
  11. Can my group break off and meet in areas other than the room we’ve rented?
    No. All activities must take place in the room you have rented. Hallways outside of the rehearsal rooms, the 2nd floor food court, the stairwells, or any other public areas are not to be used for rehearsals or meetings. 
  12. Can my kids wait for me in the hallway while I’m in rehearsal?
    No. Minors should not be left unattended anywhere in the Armory. Anyone that is connected to your event will have to remain in the rented room. 
  13. Can I drive onto the Seattle Center campus for loading/unloading purposes?
    Yes, but restrictions do apply. The vehicle entrance to the Seattle Center Campus access is located at 2nd Avenue & Thomas Street. Normal delivery hours for the Seattle Center are Monday-Friday morning until 11am. If you are able to load-in during these hours you will not need any additional permits. Access to the campus at any other time requires clearance from Seattle Center Security. In order to get permission to drive on campus during non-delivery hours, you will need to contact the TPS Rental Manager with at least seven days advance notice, and TPS can not guarantee that permission will be granted. Due to security measures at the Seattle Center, we are not able to grant loading privileges without seven days advance notice. You may park your vehicle on the Seattle Center grounds while loading/unloading only after which you must exit the campus and park elsewhere. Vehicles left beyond the time allotted for loading will be towed.
  14. What time are the rental rooms available?
    Our spaces are available for rent from 8am to 11pm. However, The Armory doors are locked at 8:00pm, unless prior arrangements are made. If you expect people to arrive after 8pm, you must inform TPS at the time of your rental request. Per Seattle Center regulations, anyone leaving The Armory after 8pm must leave the building via the north end, first floor exit, unless they are exiting from the Center Theatre Complex.
  15. Is there a place to store things while I use the studios?
    Theatre Puget Sound has limited areas available for storage. All storage requests and terms of agreement must be approved by TPS prior to use. Storage is restricted to the duration of rehearsals at TPS–no long term use.Theatre4/Black Box: With approval, renters may tuck things upstage of T4/BB curtains in a compact, organized manner that is out of the way of any walking paths and does not block access to room inventory or cleaning items. Renters assume responsibility of the risks associated with stored items in a non-secure location. Studio K is used as TPS storage, laundry, repair, and green room/dressing room for productions using Theatre4. This space is available to rent out for $20 a day, under the following conditions: 1) The items in storage can be compact, organized, and out of the way of any walking paths. 2) Studio K can only be used when there is not a production in Theatre4. 3) TPS may offer half off the rental fee ($10/day) in exchange for volunteer projects. TPS would determine the scope of the project and look at the availability/resources the renter can offer. Projects to reduce rental fee are not guaranteed.  Studio Cabinets TPS has cabinets available for props and small items. These are available to use for $15/week with a lock issued by TPS. No personal locks permitted. Cabinets are located: Studio B; Between Studios D&E (2 options); Theatre4
  16. Is the Armory Safe?
    The Seattle Center Campus and Armory are open to the public, 365 days a year. Security Officers are available in an emergency however it is recommended that individuals take precautions when leaving the premises late at night. We do not recommend leaving items unattended in the studios for any reason. TPS is not responsible for items lost or stolen during activities held in the 1st or 4th floor studio spaces. For more information about Seattle Center Security, please visit

For any questions that are not addressed above, please contact:

Rental Manager, Theatre Puget Sound