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About the project and the company


Inferno tells the story of a troubled young man who attends a house party in his final year of university. Joined by his friends, he witnesses the guests evolve into darker versions of themselves as the raging house begins to resemble hell itself. From director Giao Nguyen comes a surreal drama inspired by Dante’s Inferno, and the Nine Levels of Hell.

Inferno is the final installment to the online short film series “The Mesmerism”. This film will be director/producer Giao Nguyen’s next film after the release of Ocean’s Arrival (2022). To see more of his film work, visit


Timeline: Rehearsals from June 5–22, typically Mon–Thurs evenings with a possible Sat morning/afternoon. Shoot will be 6/26 – 7/10. Rehearsal and shoot will take place in Seattle, WA. Post-Production to occur between mid July to the end of 2023.


Shoot Dates: On-site June 26 – July 10th in Seattle, WA. July 4th off. 

This short film takes place at a house party at night. Availability at night and on weekends is mandatory.

MUST be fully vaccinated for Covid-19.

Location of Audition

Online submission only.

Other details

MARKOS: Early 20s. Straight-edge.
HOSS: Early 20s. Carefree.
EMILE: Early 20s. Trustworthy.
MIRANDA: Woman, early 20s. Structured.
PORTER: Young teenage girl. Doorkeeper of the house.
KING: Enforcement of the house.
SERA: Early 20s. Dating Phim.
PHIM: Early 20s. Dating Sera.
GLUTTON 1/2/3: Man/Woman/Non-Binary any age.
FRAIL PERSON: Early 20s.
HARPYR: Early 20s. Manic pixie energy.
LUCIE: Early 20s. The Host.
HOUND: Lieutenant of the house, loyal to Lucie.
SUPERIO: Man, 20s-30s. The superior champion.
INFERIO: Man, 20s-30s. The inferior champion.
THE SON: An artificial intelligence from the future. THIS ROLE HAS BEEN CAST
DOCTOR: Woman. An ambitious pioneer in the field.
OPERATOR: 30+. A conservative in the field.
TECHNICIAN: 30+. Any gender.
NURSE: 30+. Any gender.

Audition requirements

Audition Requirements We will be accepting video taped auditions only. Please slate your name and audition piece, and include a 1-2 min contemporary monologue. Monologue can be from film, theatre, book, etc. We recognize auditioning is unpaid labor and we are offering a small stipend if cast. Please feel free to submit materials filmed within the last 3 months, a film reel, etc. for consideration instead of a monologue. Please submit your audition video in the form of an unlisted Youtube/Vimeo link.

Additional information
Preferred method of submission


Audition/Interview dates

Accepting auditions through May 2nd.

Pay type


Audition location

Seattle Seattle

Pay type

$100 principle roles. $75 for supporting roles. Dinner, drinks, snacks will be covered, copy of the film, BTS materials, and full credits. $100 principle roles. $75 for supporting roles. Dinner, drinks, snacks will be covered, copy of the film, BTS materials, and full credits.

Callbacks or second audition/interview?

Callbacks as needed the evening of May 3rd via Zoom.

Submission instructions

Please submit via google form:

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