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written by Spencer Vigil and directed by Alanah Pascual.


Machismo, written by Spencer Vigil and directed by Alanah Pascual, is a story about finding your place within your family and cultural heritage, but what happens when that same culture grows to exclude your authentic self? Machismo is a play in search of truth and understanding within the love a family holds for one another.

This is a an ensemble driven piece that will require cast to collaborate in the rehearsal process–some singing and dancing may also be involved!

Content warnings: Transphobia features heavily in the storyline and in Max’s relationship with their family. Questions about the script may be addressed to us at and we will arrange for responses from the director.


The cast of Machismo must be entirely Mexican and/or Latinx. The character of Max must be played by a person who identifies as trans/non-gender conforming.

The Shattered Glass Project 2021 Short Play Festival

The Shattered Glass Project 2021 Short Play Festival consists of 5 new one-act plays written and directed by the members of the 2021 Director and Playwright Incubator/Mentor Program.

Rehearsals and performance recordings will take place between October 1 and December 5 in a hybrid Zoom/in-person model, and all plays will be recorded in-person. Actors will receive a $100 stipend. Performers must be fully vaccinated.

Full details and audition sign-ups at 

Location of Audition

Zoom; audition appointments will be confirmed with a calendar invitation containing the Zoom link.

Audition requirements

Where: All auditions will take place via Zoom. Callbacks will be individually scheduled for each play and will also take place via Zoom. See the description of each piece below. Audition details: Required: one 1-minute contemporary dramatic monologue. Auditioners will sign up for half hour time slots. Each audition will include a 15 minute group activity focused on movement and working collaboratively with other actors; followed by individual presentations of a contemporary dramatic 1 minute monologue from each auditioner.

Character breakdown / Project needs
Max: 14-17 They/Them:
Max is a GNC/NB teen who is driven in all areas of life, from changing a flat tire to cooking for an entire family. They strive to be a light in dark place and often feels if they remain stagnant, they will be stuck forever in their role of keeping their family together. Will being who they are affect their love for their family, they pray not. Note: MUST be played by a Chicano/Mexican-American who identifies as trans/non-gender conforming.
Loli: 16/17 He/Him
oli, Lawrence, is Max’s cousin and best friend. Very protective. The strongest person you will ever meet. Loli often relies on his strength and masculine traits to compensate for his lack of emotional depth in his relationships. A man of action. Loli wants to be emotionally available but is often afraid of being seen as weak within his family/friend circles.
Ector: 18/19 He/Him
Ector is Max’s older brother who is not as supportive. Very close to Loli who he practically raised. There is a hardness to Ector but not an unwillingness. Ector is torn between the things he wants and the things he has. He is bitter and calculating but not hateful. He is a hard worker and deeply believes in bootstrap theory. Is the ‘Man’ of the house.
Nani (abuela): 60/70 She/Her
Matriarch of the family. Is trying to relearn toxic familial patterns in order to understand and support Max. She loves all her grandchildren but gives a little more attention to Max. They are curious but also apprehensive. She has lived in the same town her whole life and has had plenty of life experiences but is often excited but stumped by understanding societal progress.
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Audition/Interview dates

September 26, 2021, 3-7 p.m. and September 27, 7-10 p.m.

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Seattle WA

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$100 $100

Callbacks or second audition/interview?

September 29, 2021, 6-9 p.m.

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Visit for complete details about the festival and to request an audition appointment

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