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Theatre Puget Sound | TPS Studio I

Audition 4/30/24 – IDEAS ALIVE (


Audition is on Tue April 30th, 2024 from 6:30 – 8:00pm.  TPS Studio I (“eye”)

Please RSVP, arrivals without confirmation might not have time to audition. (but we’ll try our best)


We are Ideas Alive, the #1 reviewed character entertainment company in the area!

Imagine the first time you saw Belle, Cinderella, Spiderman, Elsa, Woody & Jessie…. now you can bring that feeling to life for 1000s of Seattle area kids and families!!


We are adding cast members to our team!  Formerly known as Party Princess Productions Seattle, we are now IDEAS ALIVE.  Since 2016, we have been in Seattle providing excellent party services for princess, superhero, and character events.  (Elsa, Anna, Belle, Cinderella, Tinkerbell, Minnie, Spiderman, Batman, Woody & Jessie, and so many more)


Over the years our star-studded cast has been made up of local actors, students, teachers, athletes, coaches, nannies,  ages 16+.


The events are typically 60-90 minutes and hosted at homes, venues, businesses. Most are birthday parties, but we also have many marketing events with local businesses and party venues.


As a contractor for Ideas Alive you will provide the acting tools (your excellent skills) and makeup, we provide some of the material tools (costumes, wigs, etc).  You’ll enjoy a great hourly wage and often you’ll get generous tips as well.


The satisfaction you’ll get from performing for kids and families is superb, many of our cast members have said these roles are super helpful for their acting skills, stage presence, confidence in front of crowds, and more!


Contact Meggan to chat about the role! 425.598.9582

Location of Audition

Audition will be held on 4/30/24 in Studio I from 6:30 - 8pm

Other details

Audition will consist of interview with cast lead, a vocal of your choice, and some playful / animated reading of children's book as if you were reading to a group of children at a party.

Audition requirements

Audition Requirements: • See Below

Character breakdown / Project needs
Ladies - bring your personality and pick your favorite Disney princess and be prepared to sing a verse and chorus of her signature song (or a song of your choice from the film - i.e if you are portraying Belle, you may sing 'Beauty and the Beast'). We will not have an accompanist available, as you will be singing with pre-recorded tracks at all your events, so you are welcome to sing acapella or with an instrumental track (we will have a speaker). While you can sing any song we ask you prepare to sing Elsa, Ariel, or Belle as well. We are interested in what ‘hands on’ with kid experience you have (sitting, coaching, performing), but that’s not a requirement to land a spot on cast. Also, we have ladies play Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Leia and other non-princess roles, so don’t be shy about dropping into character.
Gentlemen - The majority of our male characters do not sing. However, as we are always adding new characters to the lineup, if you have a favorite Disney character that does sing, we'd love to hear you! Please prepare a verse and chorus. You will be singing acapella or you are welcome to play an instrumental track (we will have a speaker for you to use). Otherwise, we are looking for you to talk a bit of Superhero or Jedi knowledge. Also, same as above, we would like to know about your experience working with kids. Plan to show us your personality, we are looking for ‘big’. You are, after all, popping into homes of little ones as if you are stepping out of a story book, a movie, or Disneyland!
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Seattle Theatre Puget Sound - TPS Studio I ("eye")

Pay type

$60 - $95 per event $60 - $95 per event

Submission instructions

Contact Meggan to chat about the audition! or call/text 425.598.9582

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