Auditions for TSGP 2024 New Works Festival: New Voices, New Narratives

The Shattered Glass Project

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2024 New Works Festival: New Voices, New Narratives

3 original works written and directed by the members of the 2023-24 Incubator/Mentor Cohort.

The Uterine Files: Episode One, Voices Spitting Out the Rainbow. Written by Jourdan Imani Keith |  directed by Divya Rajan. 

  • A lyrical choreopoem rooted in movement, music, and the lineage of African American narratives, exploring the experience of generations of African American women, and demanding an answer to the question “what are they doing with our uteruses?”
  • Characters: 1 Black cisgender woman, ageless; 2 Black cisgender women, middle-aged/mature; 1 Black cisgender woman, 18-25. Three of the actors will play multiple characters.
  • Audition requirements: a one-minute monologue chosen from works similar in genre to plays by Ntozake Shange.
  • Content information: The Uterine Files includes racial stereotyping and language; and descriptions of torture, sexual assault and related trauma. 

Carmilla | written by Mariah Lee Squires and S.W. Jones | directed by Aidyn Stevens. 

  • A camp-horror adaptation of an original, queer, female, pre-Dracula vampire novella, introducing the mother of the modern monster and shattering the mold of protagonists in horror.
  • Characters: 2 females, age 18-20ish; 2 multi-gender/multi-character roles, 40+; 1 female, multi-character role, 40+; 1 male, 40+. Actors are encouraged to audition for any role regardless of gender.
  • Audition requirements: a one-minute selection from a classical play with heightened language.
  • Content information: Carmilla includes camp horror, blood, sexual situations, toxic relationships, death.

On the Train | written by Lisa A. Price | directed by Christie Zhao.

  • A timely indictment of medical racism as three women fight a hypocritical senator to secure the right for women to control and protect their own reproductive destinies.
  • Characters: 1 Black male, 35-40; 1 Black female, 25-30; 1 White female, 20-25; 1 White male, 50-60.
  • Audition Requirements: a one-minute selection from a contemporary American play.
  • Content Information: On the Train includes racial stereotyping and language, and discussions of eugenics, abortion, politics and abusive family relationships.

Other details

The Shattered Glass Project is a theatre company with the mission to amplify the voices of theatre artists who have been marginalized on the basis of their gender or sex. The Incubator/Mentor Program is a one-year, tuition-free program for directors and playwrights, providing a unique opportunity to create and grow professionally.

Audition requirements

Submit a recording of a monologue in the styles listed below. General requirements: | The Uterine Files: a one-minute monologue chosen from works similar in genre to plays by Ntozake Shange. | Carmilla: a one-minute selection from a classical play with heightened language. | On the Train: a one-minute monologue from a contemporary American play. | AUDITIONERS ARE RECOMMENDED TO REVIEW PROJECT WEBSITE FOR DETAILED AUDITION REQUIREMENTS.

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Deadline for Video Submission - March 1, 2024

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Seattle Washington

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$300 $300

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March 9-10, 2024

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Fill out audition submission form at

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