Casting Call for "Goodnight, Absalom!"

About the project and the company

The Fox & Beggar Theater is seeking rambunctious performers, dancers, clowns, and puppeteers for the cast of “Goodnight, Absalom!,” an upcoming summer residency at the Lookout Arts Quarry outside Bellingham, WA.

In the Western town of Absalom, a surreal chess match is played between two nefarious robber barons, the White King and the Black King. The show moves through a series of odd vignettes as the chess pieces begin to become cognizant of their situation and attempt to rebel against their sinister masters.

“Goodnight, Absalom!” is a black comedy about a patriarchy that has gamified our world, obsessed with winning more and more wealth until the world’s resources are gone; be they land, minerals, fuel…or human beings themselves.

Here’s a document with more info about the show!

Production Week (Optional): July 27 – Aug 1
Rehearsals: August 3 – August 12
Tour: August 13 – Sep 4

If touring is not possible come August, we would like to still safely gather our cast to create and develop this show over a two week residency at the LAQ, ending with a special filmed performance of the show that might be used to promote a future tour. Auditions will now be held entirely online. For more info about auditioning please email

Audition requirements

Please send a cover letter introducing yourself as an artist with a resumé, CV, and/or links to your work. You will then receive instructions about our online audition process.

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Bellingham WA

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