Interview/Casting Female Lead for a short film, "Dorothy and Joey"

About the project and the company

“Dorothy and Joey” is set in 1946 after World War II in a small town on the Puget sound. Dorothy was part of the Women Air Force Service Pilot civilian branch of the Army Air Force and has returned to settle in her hometown. She was not able to pursue a career in the commercial airlines because airline companies were not hiring women pilots. After the discouraging outcome, she has taken a position as a grade school teacher. Joey, an Army veteran, is an acquaintance she met at the train station in 1944 and developed a good rapport. Dorothy invites him to visit if he is in the area. Driving up from San Francisco in the summer of 1946, Joey is on his way to visit his sister in Seattle and decides to make a stop over to visit Dorothy. Both Dorothy and Joey talk about their experiences during the war and their current life as they try to find a way to move forward in their prime years. Short narrative drama.

Audition requirements

Having flown is a small aircraft is a plus but not a requirement for the audition. Knowing how to drive a manual transmission is plus. The automobile in the film production is a manual transmission.

Character breakdown / Project needs
Caucasian Age: 28-32 Height: 5' 7 1/2" to 5'9" Waist: 27 to 29 inches Slender figure Shoe size: 7 to 8.5 *The wardrobe fitting is specific to these measurements for the military garment and normal dress and coat. The female lead has a strong and confident personality. She is a person that has succeeded in her early 20s but is not able to pursue her real passion of being a pilot which brings her back to a normal life with a normal job. She has setbacks but tries to to the best she can with her life.
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Seattle or Zoom Meeting WA

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