MTW's Distillery Festival of New Works

Macha Theatre Works

About the project and the company


Join us in April for a weekend of 7 New Works. Friday April 14 – Sunday April 16, 2023

Plays written by writers from the Seattle area and beyond.

This will take place at West of Lenin in Seattle’s Fremont Neighborhood.

What is the Distillery series?

The Macha Distillery series is a celebration of emerging theater and an opportunity for playwrights to gain valuable feedback on new work. Each play in the series receives a live reading by a cast of professional actors, allowing it to live and breathe off the page. The readings conclude with a discussion of the play with the playwright, giving writers the chance to receive feedback from Seattle audiences and providing a platform for audiences to help shape new works in process.

Distillery Goals

Traditionally, the distillery process involves heating a liquid, then allowing it to condense into a new product. Here at Macha’s play Distillery, we do the same thing with stories, allowing them to rise, change, and settle into something new. This is part of how Macha cultivates new plays that feature strong feminist themes. Whether playwrights are interested in testing out bold new ideas or putting the final touches on a nearly-finished script, the Distillery is here to help.

Looking for Actors to Volunteer to help grow New Works

We have 7 Plays with 33 characters many of these can be double-cast within the script and actors are welcome to be in more than one reading. At this time this is a volunteer position with an honorarium of $20 to cover expenses you might incur.

Here is the Link to the Google Form:

Location of Audition

The 'Audition' is only a video submission. We hope to minimize the impact on actors and create an internal database of interested parties for the 7 Directors to go to for casting. Actors will be contacted directly by directors of each piece. The casting form has information on all of the plays and who the writers/directors are.

Other details

We are always working in draft and appreciate any feedback.
Please send to

We understand that volunteering is not an option for everyone.
We are a small theatre who supports women and non-binary writers with a mostly volunteer staff.
We are providing access and opportunity to as many folx as possible.

Audition requirements

Please go to our Google Form to send in your audition information and to read character and play descriptions.

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Audition location

Seattle wa

Callbacks or second audition/interview?

Depending on show and director

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