Psychological Horror Short Film

Seattle Art Museum

About the project and the company

The Seattle Art Museum has partnered with South End Stories to create the Constance Rice Fellowship which awards Teaching Artists working with Seattle Public School students through SES program funding to create their own original work. This year Rajah Makonnen, a queer black filmmaker was chosen as the recipient and he is directing a short psychological horror film.

The film follows Aisha, a college student eturning to her small town from college for a school break. Upon returning she finds that her small town has been plagued by Mudmen, bizarre creatures who force one to hallucinate based off their deep guilts. Through dealing with a mudman inside her family home, she comes to terms with an abortion she had in high school.

The bulk of production will take place in Fall City and areas surrounding Seattle. Transportation or compensation for transport will be provided. It will be an eight day production around the weekends of 11/17 and 11/24th with some pickup days in early December.

Location of Audition

Seattle Art Museum main offices.

Audition requirements

Auditions will be at the SAM offices downtown. Please come with a short monologue or recording of a previous work if you didn't send one with the application. Please have the sides from your application memorized. Auditions will be recorded. Callbacks may be required for lead roles.

Character breakdown / Project needs
Aisha (Lead Role)
Mixed race woman, 19-22, not traditionally feminine, but not gender non-conforming. Pensive and thoughtful, would rather go deep than linger at the surface.
Young man, 19-22. Shy and quiet, his inherent softness shines through his gruff exterior. One look and you know he works at an auto shop, but somehow he seems too soft and fresh for his role in life and his family.
Mr. Thompson
A nervous balding man. Caucasian, early-mid 40s. he wants to be the dad that does it all but is easily overwhelmed.
A young mixed race girl 7-8 years old playing 4-6 years old.
Loving BIPOC mother turned into a mud covered monster. Personification of the fear of motherhood.
Darren's Brother (Supporting Role)
Young boy 10-13. Raised by his brother more than his alcoholic father. Still has some innocence of childhood about him.
Church Granny (Supporting Role)
Classic church granny. Ideally BIPOC.
Pious Housewife (Supporting Role)
Middle aged woman. Modest and religious, but suspicious.
The Neighborhood Gossip (Supporting Role)
Nosey old woman from the small town church.
Ellen (Supporting Role)
Quaint and cheery office co-worker.
Mudman (Non-speaking Role)
Mud covered creature. Must be okay with being completely covered in mud.
Mud-Woman (Non-speaking Role)
Mud covered creature representing fear of sex. Must be okay with being completely covered in mud. This role involves sexual scenes.
Darren's Father/Mud-father (Non-speaking Role)
Abusive alcoholic father. Seen in one scene as a mudman.
Mud-child (Non-speaking Role)
Child-like creature covered in mud. Is shown alive and dead.
Additional information
Preferred method of submission


Audition/Interview dates

10/13, 10/16, 10/20,

Pay type


Audition location


Pay type

Negotiable day rate Negotiable day rate

Submission instructions

Please send us an email with a headshot, reel/previous work, the role you are auditioning for, and the dates that work for you. We encourage in-person auditions but can offer virtual if needed.

Union Requirements

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