Romeo and Juliet: a 1950's lesbian pulp romance (updated)

Somniterum Productions

About the project and the company

Verona, USA, 1956. Class war rages between the Capulets, the richest, most powerful family in town, and the Montagues, a huge, tight-knit family from the wrong side of the tracks. Where the Capulets have wealth and stability, the Montagues have camaraderie and a freedom from the misogynistic, gender focused society they live in.


Director August Luna (they/them) brings a new twist to the classic tale of star-crossed lovers. Minor edits have been made to the text to alter characters genders.

Rehearsals: Mar. 1 – Apr. 9, Sun-Thur 6-9 PM

Tech: Apr. 13-16, Time TBA

Performances: Apr. 17-20, 17, 18, 20 @ 7 PM, 19 @ 2 PM

Location of Audition

Location TBA, probably TPS. Location will be confirmed when you schedule your audition.

Audition requirements

Please come prepared with a 1-2 minute monologue in verse from a Shakespeare play or any piece of classical theatre. Don’t worry about age or gender! Actors of all genders and ethnicities are encouraged to audition.

Character breakdown / Project needs
Actors of all genders and ethnicities are encouraged to audition!
Juliet (young, F)
The classic good Christian girl. Obeys her parents, wears a cross necklace and her skirt below her knees, has never had serious feelings for anyone.
Romeo (young, F or femme-aligned NB)
A greaser, and openly a lesbian. Thinks she’s in love with a new girl every week, until she finds true love with Juliet.
Mercutio (young, M or masc-aligned NB)
Cousin to Paris and the Prince, best friend to Romeo and Benvolio.
Benvolio (young, NB or gender nonconforming)
best friend to Romeo and Mercutio. The voice of reason.
Tybalt (young, M)
The picture of toxic masculinity and internalized homophobia. Never not wearing a polo shirt.
Lord Capulet (Middle-aged, M)
Juliet’s father. Comes from old money. Rich, entitled, powerful.
Lady Capulet (Noticeably younger than Lord Capulet, F)
Juliet’s mother. Gave birth very young, not a very maternal figure, does whatever her husband tells her.
Paris (young, M)
a Good Boy. Think letterman sweater, big glasses, button down shirt. Just a nice guy doing his best.
Friar Laurence (Middle-aged, M)
An older gay man, Romeo and Juliet’s only queer role model. The best of intentions, but definitely some outdated, sexist ideas.
Lord/Lady Montague (Middle-aged, any gender)
A well meaning single parent who just wants Romeo to be happy.
Other minor characters
Additional information
Preferred method of submission


Audition/Interview dates

Sunday Jan 26, 1-5 PM and Monday Jan 27 5-9 PM

Pay type


Audition location

Seattle WA

Pay type

$100 $100

Callbacks or second audition/interview?

Saturday Feb 1, 3-7 PM

Submission instructions

Email with a preferred date and time to schedule an audition

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