Seattle Shakespeare Company 2024/2025 Season General Auditions

Seattle Shakespeare Company

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Love’s Labour’s Lost
By William Shakespeare
September-November 2024 TBD

Richard II
By William Shakespeare
December 2024-February 2025 TBD

TBD New Commissioned Work (Auditions for this piece to be held at a later date)
February-April 2025 TBD

King Lear
By William Shakespeare
March-May 2025 TBD


At Seattle Shakespeare we believe it is important to fully represent our community onstage so that these classic texts can speak to everyone. To do so, we strive to bring together diverse performers working from their full, authentic selves and operating at the top of their craft. As a Seattle-based company, we encourage the local cultural ecology and local artists in our work. We are happy to take submissions from AEA members located anywhere.

Location of Audition

TPS Conference Room, 1st floor of Center House next to Center House Theatre

Other details


Love’s Labour’s Lost (Doubling TBD, this show will be presented by Seattle Shakespeare's BIPOC Ensemble, The Drum and Colours Company)
Ferdinand - The King
Berowne - His Lord
Longaville - His Lord
Dumaine - His Lord
The Princess of France - A princess
Rosaline - Her Lady
Maria - Her Lady
Katherine - Her Lady
Boyet - A lord attending the princess
Armado - the Braggart, also known as Don Adriano de Armado
Boy - Armado’s Page, also known as Mote
Jaquenetta - the Wench
Costard - the Clown or Swain
Dull - the Constable
Holofernes - the Pedant, or schoolmaster
Nathaniel - the Curate
Monsieur Marcade - a messenger from France

Richard II (Doubling TBD, this show will be cast with Femme and Non-Binary Actors)
King Richard II - the king
Sir John Bushy- a favorite of Richard
Sir John Bagot - a favorite of Richard
Sir Henry Green - a favorite of Richard
Richard’s Queen - Richard’s wife
Queen’s Ladies-in-waiting - the ladies in waiting for the queen
John of Gaunt - Duke of Lancaster, Richard’s Uncle
Henry Bolingbroke - Duke of Hereford, son to John of Gaunt, and later King Henry IV
Duchess of Gloucester - widow to Thomas, Duke of Gloucester
Edmund - Duke of York
Duchess of York - wife of Edmund
Duke of Aumerle - Earl of Rutland, son to Duke and Duchess of York
York’s Servingmen - Servingman to York
Thomas Mowbray - Duke of Norfolk
Lord Marshal - a hereditary royal official
First Herald - An officer of arms
Second Herald - An officer of arms
Earl of Salisbury - An ally of Richard
Bishop of Carlisle - A priest, ally to Richard
Sir Stephen Scroop - A loyal and trusted Ally to Richard
Lord Berkeley - An ally of Richard
Abbot of Westminster - The Abbot of Westminster Abbey
Welsh Captain - A captain from Wales
Henry Percy - Earl of Northumberland
Lord Ross - A Rebel
Lord Willoughby - A Rebel
Harry Percy - son of Northumberland, later known as “Hotspur”
Lord Fitzwater - A Rebel
Duke of Surrey - An ally of Richard
Keeper of prison at Pomfret Castle - The jailer
Sir Pierce of Exton - A Rebeal

New Commissioned Work
Characters TBD

King Lear (Doubling TBD)
Lear - king of Britain (PRE-CAST)
Goneril - Lear’s eldest daughter
Duke of Albany - Goneril’s husband
Oswald - Goneril’s steward
Regan - Lear’s second daughter
Duke of Cornwall - Regan’s husband
Cordelia - Lear’s youngest daughter
King of France - Cordelia’s suitor and then husband
Duke of Burgundy - Cordelia’s suitor
Earl of Kent - A loyal follower of the king
Fool - the king’s fool
Earl of Gloucester - a foolish old man with loyalty to the king
Edgar - Gloucester’s elder son
Edmund - Gloucester’s his younger and illegitimate son
Curan - gentleman of Gloucester’s household
Old Man - a tenant of Gloucester’s
Knights - men who are serving Lear
Doctor - a doctor

Audition requirements

We are seeking ctors of all identities for our 2024/2025 season. Artists from all backgrounds, identities and experiences are encouraged to audition. 2 contrasting classical monologues. 1 should be Shakepeare; the other may be any piece that falls within the classical genre (contemporary adaptations welcome). Total material should not exceed 2min 30 sec.

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Audition/Interview dates

February 15th and 16th

Pay type

Contract (union or other)

Audition location

Seattle Seattle

Pay type

SPT 8 AEA Rate: $725 Weekly Non-Union Rate: $700 Weekly SPT 8 AEA Rate: $725 Weekly Non-Union Rate: $700 Weekly

Callbacks or second audition/interview?

Callbacks per show will be scheduled at a later date

Submission instructions

Please fill out the form to sign up for an audition. Form Link:

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Equity Contract

Non-Union, Equity (AEA)