SEX by Mae West

Play Your* Part

About the project and the company

Theatre Company: Play Your* Part Seattle
Venue: Virtual/Live-Streamed
Producer/ Co-Director: Michael Raimondi
Director: Isabella Price
Writer: Mae West

Pre-Production Begins: 9/8
Preliminary Music Rehearsals: 10/8 – 10/14
Rehearsals: 10/15 – 11/19
Tech: 11/20 – 11/24
Tech / Dress: 11/29 – 12/3
Performances: December 4th – 19th *Select dates and times

Submit by: Sunday, September 20, 2020

Logline: Written by renowned movie star Mae West in 1926, this controversial but successful Broadway play chronicles the journey of a smart and sassy Montreal sex worker who dreams of a better life but knows her place in the world; little does she know just how much a chance encounter in a brothel will affect her future.

This reimagining of the play takes its influence from a black American lens, locating itself in a world based off of the Harlem Renaissance. Filled with characters that might be more at home in a Cardi B video, and by focusing on the bawdy world of sex workers, this play seeks to examine the choices of its characters with care and humor, instead of judgment and shame.

*Play Your* Part partners with social justice focused non-profits for each of our projects, giving our audiences direct access to supporting causes that combat inequity and reduce violence.

*This production will be produced in partnership with the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center (KCSARC) and the Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP-Seattle), engaging with them and their communities through collaborative consultation during production and post-performance talkbacks.

Audition requirements

*Auditions will be done by sending video auditions when requested. Material and instructions will be forthcoming. Professional set-up for videos not needed. Diversity: All roles are open to all ethnicities, ages, and gender identities. *All ethnicities are encouraged to submit, this will be a multicultural production. Dancing: All roles will be required to dance, some experience is necessary. The style of dance will be contemporary and burlesque. Singing: All roles will be required to sing in the ensemble, some experience is necessary. Strong singing roles are noted.

Character breakdown / Project needs
Margy LaMont
Lead role, a whip-smart sex worker who would love nothing more than a better life but knows her place in the world. Singing role, Mae West meets Cardi B.
Rocky Waldron
A chauvinist pimp who takes delight in taking power over women - as a pimp, as a sexual predator, and as a blackmailer. Alpha Male, Big Dog, the confidence of a 90's rapper.
Lieutenant Gregg
An English Naval Officer, hopelessly in love with Margy but rebuffed at every attempt. Hopeless and hapless romantic, British but not a gentleman.
A regular client of Margy’s - sees her in both Montreal and Trinidad
Jimmy Stanton
Clara’s son who falls madly in love with Margy. Trust fund/tech start-up energy.
Clara Stanton
A wealthy woman who is drugged by Rocky and then saved by Margy. She’s of society, so clearly looks down on Margy without taking responsibility for her own poor actions. The most desperate housewife.
A sex worker who dreams of returning home to a regular life but is a bit naive about her situation.
A sex worker, accuses Margy of stealing a client; steals away to Trinidad and performs a provocative burlesque number in Act II
Flossie (Doubles as Marie)
A sex worker ‘Marie’ - The Stanton’s French maid
‘Robert Stanton’ - (Doubles as Manly, Curley, Capt. Carter)
Clara’s wealthy husband and Jimmy’s father. A gentleman all-consumed by his business he seems blissfully unaware by the situation around him. ‘Manly’ - A pimp, classic male misogynist ‘Curley’ - A pimp with a liking for Agnes. ‘Captain Carter’ - A Naval Officer, both Lieutenant Gregg, and Jones’ superior.
First Man (Doubles as Act 2 Sailor, Policeman 1, Policeman 2)
customer of Marge’s ‘Act 2 Sailor’ - Sailor ‘Policeman 1 & 2’ - Comes to the Stanton house after Margy calls the police but when he is turned away recognizes Margy.
Second Man (Doubles as Act 2 Sailor, Waiter, Jenkins)
customer of Marge’s ‘Act 2 Sailor’ - Sailor ‘Waiter’ - A waiter in Trinidad ‘Jenkins’ - The Stanton’s butler
Dawson (Doubles as Condez)
A police officer who insists on bribe payments in order to not shut down Rocky’s sex worker business. ‘Condez’ - Host of the Cafe Port au Prince in Trinidad. Speaks Spanish
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Virtual/Streaming Virtual/Streaming

Pay type

A modest stipend will be provided for all performers. A modest stipend will be provided for all performers.

Submission instructions

Talent should submit pictures and resumes to Auditions will be done by sending video auditions when requested. Material and instructions will be forthcoming. Professional set-up for videos not needed.

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