Sound Designer - Film (Post-Production)


About the project and the company

Annex Theatre is excited to bring to life a new film by Marcus Gorman and Kiki Penoyer, directed by Brendan Mack, How to Leave (and Also Stay). This film was shot on location at Annex Theatre, located in Capitol Hill. This is a non-union project and for conceptual purposes is closer to a filmed-play with no live audience than a full film production. We are looking for a Post-Production Audio Editor/Engineer to help us take this film from picture lock to a fully released piece!


“Do you want to move in with me?”

“Will you marry me?”

“Do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

“I want a divorce.”


Four people, four moments in a romantic relationship, four tough decisions, four monologues. A young actor coming down from a breakup contemplates the cost of his career of moving in with his dashing director. A photographer stuck working at a department store considers a marriage proposal from the high school sweetheart who may not be the right one for her. A washed-up singer reflects on the disaster of his first marriage just seconds away from his second. A failed writer’s struggle with depression threatens to ruin the one good thing in her life—her wife.



This role is very flexible and the work can be made to fit your schedule. We ask that you attend a weekly meeting with the director and/or production manager to check-in on progress, however we can accommodate most schedules. Ideally, we would like someone who is available to dedicate 5+ hours a week to the project.

Film release is not yet scheduled and contingent on finalized video editing. The film will be available on streaming services as determined by Annex Theatre for a limited run; we are not anticipating a theatrical release or making the content available online indefinitely at this time. 




Sound Designer (Post Production)

This role will be responsible for post-production audio quality of this filmed play. This will be a collaborative role with the director in building the final product but will be largely responsible for post-production sound mixing, levels, quality and normalization. 

Job Description

See above.

Required Qualifications

Professional or educational experience as a theatrical or film designer or audio engineering in any industry. We are open to a wide range of experience for this production.

Other details

You can read the script online here!

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Audition location

Seattle WA

Submission instructions

Please submit your resume and a short statement about why you’re interested in working on this piece to 

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