THE MIRACLE OF THE SALT: A Reading of a New Musical

About the project and the company

Seeking six actors to participate in a reading of a new musical.

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Composer/Playwright/Musical Director: John Allman
Director: Harry Turpin
Stage Manager: Meredith Zandi


BONY – Male-Identifying; age, 20s; from the bay side; orphaned as a toddler, raised by his affluent aunt and uncle. Tenor: Vocal range A3-A5

JAKE – Male-identifying; age, 20s; from the valley side. Baritone: Vocal range F2-E4

CLARISSA – Female-identifying; age, 20s; born and raised in the valley. Mezzo-soprano: Vocal range F3-D5; belt or legit/mix.

GENEVA – Bony’s aunt on his mother’s side; age, 40s-50s; land owner. Mezzo-soprano: Vocal range G3-D#5; legit/mix preferred.

GROAT – Bony’s uncle by marriage; age 40s-50s; a merchant and tax assessor. Baritone: Vocal range F2-E4

MAYOR SLADE – age 30s-50s; a politician and investor. Vocal range: D3-F4

Setting: a small coastal New England town near the start of the Second Industrial Revolution, circa 1870.

Background: When Bony, a young man alone, witnesses the birth of a pink salt spring while mourning the death of his dog, he thinks it’s a miracle to be shared with the world – going against not only the machinations of his secretive aunt and greedy uncle, but also against the wishes of his tradition-bound friend and new girlfriend, whose village has been using its own pink salt for generations. Bony goes to surprising lengths to ensure that the salt, which he believes to have life-enhancing qualities, will be shared with the wider world. Can he avoid being caught up in a web of deceit that he himself helps to create?

Location of Audition

Theatre4, TPS

Audition requirements

Headshot/Resume only. Sides will be sent in advance of audition.

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Saturday June 17

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Seattle WA

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Use link to Audition Form

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