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3301 27th Ave S, Seattle WA 98144


PARLEY is a collaborative production company that develops and launches experimental, affordable dramatic art in all forms. The term ​​PARLEY derives from the French verb parler: to speak. Historically, a parley was a meeting between adversaries in order to negotiate an end to battle. To signal a willingness to talk peaceably, armies would run up a white flag. ​Writing is a solitary act, and isolated creatives can become defensive. ​ By committing to an ongoing process of creation, feedback, and production, we surrender the lone struggle and move forward together. What do we like? We like stories that have a beginning, middle, and end. We like stories that land in the body. We like when you ask new questions and offer answers we don’t expect. We like experimentation and risks that add up to something. We like learning. We like watching you turn the kaleidoscope of a moment, an action, a character until we don’t know whether to be amused or stunned. We like to be moved, thrilled, devastated. We like when you explode metaphors, blow up clichés, write the dangerous truth, and edit the hell out of it.

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