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TPS Studio E

Rehearsal Space
Regular: $15

Studio E is perfect for performing artists who don’t want to be distracted by their reflections (it has no mirrors). It has a wood floor and a baby grand piano so it’s great for auditions and rehearsals that require music and movement. There is a dry erase board as well, creating a perfect place to have your next planning session.

Key information
  • Dimensions: 30.25 x 28.845 ft.
  • Square Footage: 882 sq. ft.
  • Ceiling Height: 12ft
  • Max Occupancy: 25 people
  • ADA compliant: Elevator, small ADA ramp outside entrance
  • Lighting: Fluorescent - Partial control by light switch outside of studio, others remain on
  • Windows: West Side
  • Flooring: 'Wood'
  • Grand Piano
  • 2 Rolling Tables
  • 20-25 Chairs w/out arm rests
  • 2-4 Acting Blocks
  • Cleaning Equipment
  • Wifi: TPS and Seattle Center
  • Fixed and rolling white board
Contact details
  • space4arts@tpsonline.org
  • 206-651-4106

305 Harrison Street
The Armory
4th floor
Seattle WA 98109

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If the space is available your request will land in your shopping cart. Bookings cannot begin after 8pm. Rooms can only be reserved up to 6 months in advance. For reservations outside of the 6 month window, please use the inquiry form. If you plan to sell tickets for your event please use the inquiry form for this space.