23rd Annual Gregory Awards + Gala

History & Process

Want to learn more about how the Gregory Awards Work?

Originally launched in 1998 as the Gregory A. Falls Sustained Achievement Award, this popular event gained traction and attendance over the course of the last 25 years. Due to the unprecedented events of the last 3 years, the awards went on a hiatus. But we are BACK, with a unique and important event to help us regain momentum and bring the full-scale awards process and ceremony back next year. Learn more about the History of the Awards, Previous Award Recipients, the Voting Process, the Committee and Staff involved in the event and more by selecting an option below.

History of the Gregory Awards

Gregory A. Falls

Gregory A. Falls, a former chair of the UW School of Drama who is credited with creating Seattle’s vibrant theater scene, died April 3, 1997. He was 75 when he died unexpectedly of pneumonia. More than any other individual, Falls was “most responsible for the theater boom in this town,” says Arne Zaslove, artistic director of the Bathhouse Theatre at Green Lake. “He was the impressario of bringing it all together.”

Falls founded one of Seattle’s mainstays, A Contemporary Theatre, more than three decades ago. He was ACT’s artistic director for 23 years until his retirement in 1987 due to early indications of Alzheimer’s disease. Learn more about Gregory A Falls

Memorial Awardees

  • Phil Schermer
  • Ruben Sierra
  • Johnny Kauffmann
  • Scott Weldin
  • John Gilbert
  • Margaret Diehl
  • Gordon Gutteridge

Previous Gregory Falls Sustained Achievement Award Winners:

  • 1998 – Marjorie Nelson
  • 1999 – Mac Perkins
  • 2000 – Clayton & Susan Corzatte
  • 2001 – Linda Hartzell
  • 2002 – Melissa Hines
  • 2003 – Rex Carleton
  • 2004 – Kurt Beattie & Susan Trapnell
  • 2005 – Jim Ragland
  • 2006 – Todd Jefferson Moore
  • 2007 – Karen Gjelsteen & Ruben Van Kempen
  • 2008 – Robin Lynn Smith
  • 2009 – Chris Bennion
  • 2010 – M. Burke Walker
  • 2011 – Bill Forrester
  • 2012 – R. Hamilton Wright
  • 2013 – John Kazanjian & Mary Ewald
  • 2014 – Joyce Degenfelder
  • 2015 – Timothy McCuen Piggee
  • 2016 – Connie Rinchiuso & Carolyn Keim
  • 2017 – Kathy Hsieh
  • 2018 – Howie & Billy Seago
  • 2019 – Valerie Curtis-Newton

Awards Process

A typical Gregory Awards Ceremony consists of the awarding of around 20 categories. The auditing process happens annually from the Fall to the end of the Summer. Auditors apply to be considered for their position as the nominating body and shows produced by TPS Member Organizations are nominated for consideration. Shows being submitted for consideration must offer auditors at least 10 complimentary tickets in order to be audited appropriately.

Once the top 4-5 nominees have been selected in each category, all TPS members are welcome to cast their votes for the final awards.

Our 2024 Gregory Award nominating season is just around the corner. We will have more information coming to you soon in a 2024 Gregory Awards Kick Off!

The 23rd annual Gregory Awards will be slightly different from years past. With respect to the fact that the last 3 years have been an unprecedented time in our community, we have chosen to combine this year’s awards ceremony with a full fundraising Gala. The goal of this Gala is to help TPS bring back the full scope of the Gregory Awards, including auditing for all standard categories of the 2023-2024 season.

For the last three years this community has watched as your organization pivoted time and again. Your hard effort, sacrifice and dedication to your art form has not gone unnoticed. Theatre is an integral part of the human experience and during a time of ever-mounting pressure and complication, you persevered and bravely continued to produce, teach and perform.

This year, we wish to acknowledge those organizations that went above and beyond to protect and support theatre in the Puget Sound. Please use the following forms to vote for the organization you wish to acknowledge for their excellence from 2020-2023 in each of the 5 Puget Sound boroughs.

Staff & Committees

The Gregory Awards are a combined effort from every member of the TPS Staff and Board. From our executive director to our volunteers, it takes community, coordination and passion to organize and execute this event. We appreciate all of the time and effort our team has put toward bringing these awards back to the Puget Sound community.

23rd Annual Gregory Awards Auction

Be sure to check back often as we are continuing to add items up for our silent auction until the day of the event!

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