Bethany Koulias

A multi-disciplined artist who has felt the passionate desire to create all her life– Bethany has performed in multiple countries and all across the West and East Coasts. Not only as an actor in theatre, musical theatre, television, burlesque and immersive theatre– but also as a filmmaker and producer who has currently two feature films in international festivals, but two more features in pre-production. She also adores fully immersing herself within the cultural wealth of her community— so thusly she is a professional party clown by the name of Snuggles the Clown, Queen of the Faeries in the nationally-renowned children’s theatre company “A Faery Hunt”, a regular classical improvisor for the bar-room Shakespeare companies “Shakes on the Rocks” and “Riot of the Tipsy Bacchanals”, and a teaching artist with “The Geffen Playhouse” and “Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum.”

Personal features
  • Job Title: Actor
  • Weight: n/a
  • Height: 5'4
  • Hair: brown
  • Eyes: hazel
  • Vocal Range: mezzo-soprano
  • Gender Identity: Female
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Industry: Theatre
  • Main Profession: Actor
  • Age Range: 25 - 35
  • Race or Ethnicity: Native American or Alaskan Native,Middle Eastern or North African,White
  • Union Affiliation: AEA SAG-AFTRA
  • Side professions:
  • Stage Combat
  • Archery
  • Clarinet
  • Improvisation
  • Clowning/ mask work
  • Samba
  • Irish Step
  • Jazz
  • Tap
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