Nick Horiatis

Nicholas recently finished a world premier stage play, 99 Tropes.  He was also in the recent series The Wonderland Murders. This past summer was filled with film, completing the following projects, Roseblood, Play Dead and Tumbleweed.  A previous film project was a short film entitled Just a Kid from Seattle which premiered at the prestigious Sundance Festival. The Serene Heartache, a short film Nicholas previously did, received the People’s Choice Award at the San Juan Island Film Festival.  In addition, he recenlty was a spokesperson for the TV advertising campaign for the Pro Club and a print campaign for Rockwell Collins. Additionally, he is a recent proud graduate of the highly respected ten-month Meisner Training.

Personal features
  • Job Title: Nicholas Horiatis
  • Weight: 230
  • Height: 6.2"
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Vocal Range: Tenor
  • Gender Identity: Male
  • Pronouns: He/Him
  • Industry: Film
  • Main Profession: Actor
  • Age Range: 40 - 53
  • Race or Ethnicity: Middle Eastern or North African,White
  • Union Affiliation:
  • Side professions: Model
  • Guitar
  • Athletic
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