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Sam Prudente

Age Range: -
Gender: Male
Pronouns: -
LGBTQIA2: Identify with
Race/Ethnicity: Asian, native-hawaiian-or-pacific-islander
Weight Range: 240lbs+

 Sam studied performance at the University of the Philippines Diliman. A former member of the Philippine Theatre Actors Guild, he has acted on stage, film and TV; written and developed plays & musicals; directed and produced shows, workshops & TV pilots. Flexible with backstage and tech roles, he's also handled the lights board, assisted in production design, done marketing, advertising, PR, house management, stage management and audience development work.

Sam migrated to San Francisco in 2014, then moved to Seattle in 2015, where he often read with the Seattle Shakespeare (etc.) Readthrough meetups. He graduated from UW in 2018 and is now completing his MA in Cultural Studies. They hope to explore the twin questions of "How does Culture translate across borders?" and "How can each stage of human development benefit from the generative power of play?" in their capstone performance research. Sam advocates for applied theatre praxis; facilitates practice groups for Social Presencing Theatre; continues to evolve Workshop Courage, an Emotional Intelligence resource; and STAGES, a sustainable program integrating theatre work & activities across all ages.
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